Sloshball IX
"Operation Sloshball Freedom"
In a game reminiscent of the overly-agro 1999 game, Jay McGrath's spirited "Nine Jerks" team held on for
dear life to win the ninth annual edition of Sloshball.  After building a seemingly insurmountable 10 run lead
going into the bottom half of the title round, "Nine Jerks" gave up an incredible 9 runs, capped by a Mike
McNeill 3 run dinger.  But that would be all she wrote, and Jay McGrath finally got to sip from the victory cup
after a painful 4 year wait.  Congratulations "Nine Jerks"--your Sloshball Champs for 2003!!

And now a look back at a game that had a little something for everyone...
Petrified Sloshball Commandos line up and get an earful
from Sergeant DeLo during the Sloshball HOF Video.
Slipping into the depths of insanity, The Dillo ponders the
perfection in a keg, as well as the inner beauty of his dillo.
Weeks before the game...
Days before the game...
Key members of the Sloshball Committee meet to have
dinner and plan out the Sloshball National Anthem.
"The Hormones" jump into one of their many dress
rehearsals of "Sloshball Slop" and "Beat On The Brat".
Just before the game...
For some reason, Dave decides to get in a little exercise
before the game by raking the infield.  Nicely done.
An image that we seem to revisit every year--Dave &
Sean tuning their guitars before the national anthem.
Zobo tours the grounds to ensure that Sloshball playing
conditions are met, as Jay, Kev & Mark stoically look on.
Sean & Chuck use the new two-microphone PA system to
berate this year's weak field of homer derby participants.
Finally, the game...
Soon to be named Hall of Famer, Mark Tobin assumes his usual position on the pitching mound, as his Hall of Fame wife
gets ready to run from first.  Far back behind the fence are the usual suspects in the Sloshball Lounger Club.
Leslie Kim is wondering how the hell she got mixed up in
all this.  She & her husband are new chapter leaders.
Jim Annan keeps his eyes on the prize--always at the
ready to pounce on whatever comes near him in center.
Sloshball regular and all-around good guy, Fred Larson
kicks back in right field waiting for a lefty to bat.
This image of Kevin Dryzga pretty much says it all.  MVP
in 2002, Kevin came back and won the 2003 Homer Derby.
Jay McGrath's "Nine Jerks" team celebrates yet another
stunning home run and a quickly growing lead.
More action, this time featuring Mike McNeill darting
from first base toward Sean Kahr and a beer at second.
A Sloshball legend, Sean Kahr attempts to drink his beer
without actually raising the cup up to his mouth.
Duke Kahr demonstrates the athletic prowess that has
long made him a top star amongst the Sloshball elite.
Sloshball spirit.
And now, a few words from The Commish on the importance of maintaining the spirit of Sloshball
for future generations to truly enjoy the game.  Learn and we shall heal and prevail.
The new champion is crowned...
In the end, it was Jay's outstanding
leadership that finally earned him a title.
Soon to be etched into the Jacko forever--
"Nine Jerks", Champions for 2003.
Jay McGrath's "Nine
Jerks" squad bids you
farewell until next year's

Special thanks to all who
give so much of their
time for this yearly
afternoon of idiocy.  First
and foremost, my
awesome wife, The
Flipster, for putting up
with all this.  Also, Mark
& Anhthy Tobin, Dave
Oskorus, Sean Kahr,
Milo Chavis & Bill
Taylor.  Thanks everyone!

And mark your calendars
for July 10th next year.  
Sloshball X is only 12
months away.
Nine Jerks-19
Monkey Pox-18
The Uniballers-3 (ouch!)

Homer: Kevin Dryzga
Rookie: Christina
Best Play: Jeremy
Golden Buzz: Craig Jacobin
MVP: Jay McGrath
Hall: Mark Tobin & Andy DeLo

Jay McGrath-2
Mike McNeill-2
Dan Whatshisname-1

Sloshball Slop
Beat On The Bratwurst
Seven Foot Dillo