"Celebrating A Decade Of Debauchery"
In many ways, the 10th annual playing of the greatest of American games was a living metaphor for
the entire first decade of Sloshball.  It had everything that makes Sloshball what it is today.  Cold
beer.  Hot chicks.  One anthem performance that was touching and another that just involved too
much touching.  Blazing heat.  A tightly contested battle.  A bad commissioner call...ok, several. A few
team socials here, a few chug-offs there.  A whiny-ass losing team and a jubilant champion.  A decade
of debauchery brought to a fitting conclusion.  Take a closer look at the game that made history.
The 2004 Stats
National Anthem: Suzie McClelland
Bizarre Anthem: The Village Idiots, "US of A"
Really Bizarre Encore: TVI, "Sloshball Man"
Score: Keg Babies 11, Bong Holes 10, Dill-Iscious 6
Homer Champ: Leslie Mackey
Hall of Fame: Mike McNeill
Best Play: Mark Tobin
MVP: Brad Holtmeier
Rookie of the Year: Felicita Giannovola
Golden Buzz: Tuyet Mac
2 Homers: Brad Holtmeier
1 Homer: Jeff Templeman, Dan Barnett, Darren Knudsen
Charity Fund Raiser: Make A Wish $350
This year's finalists for the Sloshball Hall of Fame included some of the finest Sloshball has ever had to offer.  
Starting on the left is Jim Annan, a 9-time Sloshballer who has brought tremendous Sloshball spirit to the game
over the years.  Moving over to the center, you'll find everyone's favorite lovable seafood aficionado, Gary Rockin'
Oakes--a rare 10-time Sloshballer who has become a staple in left field.  And of course, Mike McNeill, Sloshball's
all-time home run champion and latest Hall of Famer.  It was a Hall of Fame lineup that won't soon be matched.
The day's events actually begin long in
advance of the game.  Here is
dedicated Sloshball committee
member, Mark Tobin hoisting yet
another large bag of ice in the wee
hours of the morning, while the
commish acts busy taking pictures.  
Mark's contributions to Sloshball go
above and beyond the call of duty.
Finally, it was time for the fun to
start.  Sloshball X got off on the
right foot when a few of the
ladies decided to crash the
annual Homer Derby.  In a
shocking display of power, two of
the Slosh babes actually knocked
all the guys out of the first round
and went head-to-head in the
finals. On the left, that's Tinou
"Clubber" Rincone and on the
right, that's Leslie "Upper
Deck" Mackey.  In the end,
Leslie took home the hardware
with a 3 for 5 final round
performance.  And Darren
Knudsen is still shaking his head
in disbelief.  Way to go, Les!!
With the Homer
Derby in the books,
it was time to turn
our attention to the
musical stylings of
Suzie McClelland.  
Donning a cowboy
hat and Nikes, Suzie
belted out the
National Anthem
like never before.  
And then all hell
broke loose...
Back by popular vote, The Village Idiots returned to
Sloshball Field for a stirring reprise of their Slosh2k classic,
"US of A".   The crowd watched in disturbed amazement.
"It's good to live in the US of A.  It's good to live in the US
of A.  Our banner will wave, giving proof through the night,
we will never give up the fight!"
"Sloshball...rounding past first base.  I said, Sloshball...puts
a smile on your face.  You must first stop--but there's no
need to pout.  If you don't drink your beer you're out!"
After "US of A", the crowd begged The Idiots to come back
out for an encore.  Led by the topless and milk-soaked dance
moves of Sean Kahr, the boys fired up "Sloshball Man".
Play ball!  Al McGough steps up to take his
licks for the good of mankind.  Al is also one
of a select few in the Sloshball 10-game club.
Flave shows the pearly whites just moments
before suffering a devastating Slosh injury to
his hammy.  But don't worry, he'll be back.
Sloshball's all-time homer king, Mike McNeill
strikes a menacing pose just moments before
leading his team right into the porta-johnnies.
2004 MVP in his rookie year, Brad Holtmeier
sits suggestively in the outfield as the ladies
line up for autographs and free military jokes.
The Little Lady of Sloshball, who managed to
get me busted this week by discussing
"Sloshball" with her kindergarten teacher.
And the newest little sports freak in the
Jacko family, the Little Dude of Sloshball
dons his glove in the hopes of a little catch.
With The Village Idiots officially retired, we
again rely on the Mac-Oakes trifecta to keep
the sick and twisted side of Sloshball out in full
force.  Up top on the left, Trinh takes her
hacks.  And on the right, her nimble sister
Tuyet stares down an opposing pitcher.  And of
course, what would Sloshball be without the
obligatory Oakes butt shot?  God bless America!!
This year's hall of
famer, Mike McNeill
celebrates his
award-winning finale
with the original
Sloshball Hall of Famer
and Sloshball's spiritual
guru, Sean Kahr. Way
to go, Mike--perhaps
the greatest single
player in Sloshball
With the game all knotted up at 11 each in the championship round, Mark Tobin of the Keg Babies squad nearly lost his life
(or at least his manhood) catching a foul ball.  The Bong Holes team's subsequent fierce but misguided contesting of what was
perhaps the finest catch in Sloshball history (along with a few too many Sierra Nevadas) were just too much for the Commish
to bare.  With a penalty run deducted and their final at bat forfeited, The Bong Holes were finished and the Keg Babies team
emerged as true champions, giving long-time Sloshball devotee Chuck O'Connor his virgin title.  And trust me, it's not often
that you can use the word "Virgin" and "Chuck O'Connor" in the same sentance.  In the end, it was The Keg Babies'
outstanding dedication to Sloshball Spirit that brought them the title.  And after a decade of Sloshball, isn't that a great
lesson for all of us?  Thanks again to all who work so hard to bring Sloshball together each year, my good friends, Tobes,
Wreckage, El Guapo, The Dillo, Flave, B-Luv and of course Da Flipsta.  And congratulations Keg Babies, your 2004 Sloshball