The National
Hall of Fame
2000 Inductee, David Oskorus
Through no fault of his own,
Sean Kahr quickly became the
center of's's "true north", if you
will.  His tender ballads to start
each game have warmed our
hearts with their awe-inspiring
lyrics. Yet at the same time, his
eclectic play in the field has
reminded us that we are all
human.  Nobody has ever
described the great game better
than the great man himself,
"It's not's not
softball...IT'S SLOSHBALL!!"
* Bats right/throws right.
* Only person in Sloshball history to
perform every national anthem.
* Starred as a robust "Blob Marley" in
1997 and returned as the svelte "Slimi
Hendrix" in 1999.
* Played "The Cabaret Indian" in
SLOSH2k's anthem by The Village
Idiots, and "Slim Seanie" in 2002.
* Co-Inventor of the 7th Inning Mosh
* Owner of both the original and
current Sloshball guitars.
* Has two home runs to his credit.
Sloshball Biography
Sloshball Career Statistics
* Official Logo Designer of
* Introduced the "Guzzlers" and
"Chuggers" uniform logos--now
considered collectibles on ebay.
* Designed, produced and donated 50
t-shirts for the 1999 game.
* His "Sloshball" logo marked  
perhaps his finest hour--now a
permanent fixture of the distinctive
Sloshball look and used by
Sloshballers throughout the world.
* Dave's work on the 1998 anthem,
the often under-appreciated "You
and Me and the Keg Makes Three",
earned him legendary  status.
* Co-Invented the 7th Inning Mosh
Pit with fellow hall of famer, Sean
* Played "The Biker" in the
stunning 2000 anthem performance
of The Village Idiots.
* Likes SPAM.
Dave's contributions to
Sloshball have been significant
to say the least. Beginning
nearly two decades ago, his
participation in several games
helped lead to the formation of
"Sloshball" as we know it
today.  America had Thomas
Jefferson and Sloshball has
Dave.  Since that time, Dave's
considerable talent has been the
source of most of the graphics
we associate with
Sloshball--including his
generous 1999 uniform
donation. Dave's musical talents
have also been well-documented
over the years, with the crown
jewel of his career coming as
"The Biker" during
SLOSH2k's performance by
The Village Idiots. Dave
Oskorus--welcome to the Hall!
2000 Inductee, The Keg
1999 Inaugural Inductee, Sean Kahr
Sloshball Biography
Sloshball Career Statistics
Sloshball Biography
Sloshball Career Statistics
Never complaining about the heat or
refusing to play in the late innings,
the Keg has stood bravely at second
base for the entirety of Sloshball's
long history--every pitch, every hit,
every run.  It was there maintaining
it's vigilant stare toward home for
every pitch ever tossed by Sylvia
during Sloshball I, II and III.  It was
there when Mike McNeil crushed
the first Sloshball home run ever.  It
was there when the Sloshball Guitar
suffered it's demise, it's aluminum
shell covered in the guitar's
remains.  And it was there when the
Dillo suddenly appeared in 1999.  
This stoic warrior has seen it
all...and for it's service, it's now
forever a part of the prestigious
Sloshball Hall of Fame.
* Contains approximately 80 cups
of frosty cold Original Coors beer.
* Born in Golden, Colorado, the
Keg travels 1,800 miles every
summer to attend Sloshball.
* Performs best when surrounded
by ice created directly from the
mineral springs of Paramount,
* Was the object of terrorist
activity in 2000, as an individual
calling himself "The Beer
Guardian" pushed for the Keg's
induction into the Sloshball Hall
of Fame.
* Has been the site of 110  official
"team socials".  108 home runs
and 2 direct keg hits.
2001 Inductee, Anhthy Tobin
As the Aunt of the Little Lady
of Sloshball (Zoe), Anhthy has
used her inside track to
Sloshball to become a fixture
in the game.  Over the years,
she's been recognized as a
consistent player with cool
friends.  Some accuse her of
cashing in on her Slosh fame
by accepting several personal
sponsorship deals.  But as far
as we're concerned, it's all in
the name of Sloshball.  As
Dave so eloquently put it upon
her induction into the Hall,
she has simply made the game
of Sloshball  better.  
Congratulations, Anhthy!!
Sloshball Biography
Sloshball Career Statistics
* Participated in 1st Sloshball ever
back in 1995.
* Led the way for women's rights in
Sloshball by demanding equal pay.
* Has converted nearly 20 friends
into Sloshball participants.
* Is the first and only woman to
ever hit a home run during
* Helped co-found the "Kid's
Korner", which premiered in 2001.
* First minority to reach the Hall of
Fame (and a refugee, at that).
* Sloshball's first-ever female team
* Is the "hot wife" of Hall of
Famer, Mark Tobin.
2002 Inductee, Milo Chavis
Last year, Milo Chavis (known as
"El Guapo" in his homeland)
missed out on induction to The
Hall by a single vote.  With Milo
getting so close to induction, the
Sloshball Committee voted to
bring Milo back as a candidate
for 2002.  The first two votes
came in for Chuck, the next
envelope contained three votes
for Milo and he never looked
back.  Milo has slowly but surely
become a fixture in the game of
Sloshball over the years.  Early
on, he just played the game.  A
few years ago, he began to help
set up.  And this year he
participated in the anthem.  
Welcome to the Sloshball Hall of
Fame, Milo!!
Sloshball Biography
Sloshball Career Statistics
* Played in his very first Sloshball in
* Introduced batting gloves, sweat
bands and Under Armor to Sloshball.
* Has three homers to his name,
putting him in tie for 12th place.
* Presented the ceremonial Sloshball
Guitar burial flag to Sean Kahr in
* Has starred in two Hall of Fame
profile videos, appearing as "El
* First Mexican to gain entrance into
the Hall of Fame.
* Gets nervous about Sloshball
weeks in advance.
* Also has one sweet little boo-stay.
2003 Co-Inductee, Mark Tobin
Sloshball Biography
* Has been a key part of
Sloshball since 1999.
* Has managed multiple teams.
leading is 2005 squad to the title
* Often volunteers to pitch,
allowing his teammates to play
the better positions.
* Helped serve on the Sloshball
* Led teams  titles in 2005 and
* Puts in a lot of time to help  
put Sloshball together each year.
* Has a hot wife.
Sloshball Career Statistics
In the two years since his wife
Anhthy gained admission into
the Hall of Fame, Mark has been
literally obsessed with getting
his hands on "the jacket".  And
in a landslide 2003 vote, Mark
earned his spot in the hall.   
Always willing to help out at
Sloshball, Mark is the kind of
guy who is friends with
everyone--a perfect
representative of Sloshball spirit
and a great addition to the Hall.
Welcome to the Sloshball Hall of
Fame, Mark!!
2003 Co-Inductee, Andy DeLorenzo
Sloshball Biography
* Has been a cornerstone of
Sloshball since 1996.
* Has managed several teams
and won two championships in
1996 and 2001.
* Has introduced close to a
dozen people to Sloshball over
the years-including the
infamous Dan Whatshisname.
* Founder of Sloshball NYC.
* Once smashed a pie in the
Commish's face and lived to tell
about it.
Sloshball Career Statistics
Andy has been a Sloshball regular
from nearly the
beginning-beginning-having started
his Sloshball career all the way back
in 1996.  That year, he led a small
but fired-up "Cubbies" team to the
title and was awarded the first-ever
Jacko Trophy (originally was about
4" high).  Since then, he's led several
teams and won a 2nd title.  And along
the way, he's brought a lot of great
Sloshball players into the fold.  He's
truly a Sloshball legend.  Welcome to
the Sloshball Hall of Fame, Andy.
2004 Inductee, Mike McNeill
Sloshball Biography
* Has only missed one
Sloshball over all these years.
* Is Sloshball's all-time home
run king, with 14 career
* Voted MVP of the 1996
game, when he crushed 3 long
* Once watched his wife give
birth to his son in his SUV
(has nothing to do with
Sloshball, but isn't that cool?).
* Is proof positive that you can
bounce back from Atkins and
still retain your bat power.
Sloshball Career Statistics
If you were to ask any veteran
Sloshball player who they'd
want on their team--the
obvious choice would be Mike
McNeill. Over the years, he's
been Sloshball's most
consistent long-ball hitter
(barring one pathetic,
Atkins-enduced joke of a year)
and he continued that
dominance during his
induction year--almost single
handedly leading his team to
the 2004  title. He's the Babe
Ruth of Sloshball.  It was time
that he be part of it's lore.
2005 Inductee, Anhdai Jacobin
Sloshball Biography
* Has never missed a
Sloshball game.
* Founder of the Kids Korner
behind home plate.
* Dedicated member of
Theresa Kahr's Lounger Club.
* Has made salads for
Sloshball every year, in a
weak attempt to provide a
balanced diet to all Sloshball
* When pressed, she can even
chug a full beer (if that beer is
in a dixie cup).
Sloshball Career Statistics
Having withstood 14 full years
of pre-game planning, having
to listen to ridiculous anthem
practice sessions, see college
tuition money spent on fog
machine rentals, stage wigs
and beer, it's only fitting that
Anhdai Jacobin is our 2005
inductee.  From the beginnings
of her Slosh career, when she
actually used to play to today,
Anhdai's support for Sloshball
has been unwavering.  
Welcome to the Hall, Anhdai!!
2006 Inductee, Duke Kahr
Sloshball Biography
* Stole the show in several
Sloshball HOF videos.
* Single-handedly kept
Sloshball alive by attending
the ill-fated Sloshball XII.
* Supported his brother
through therapy following the
ill-conceived "milk" anthem.
* Has absorbed multiple first
base hits from The Dillo.
* Nobody wears the Slosh
HOF Jacket quite like Dukie!!
Sloshball Career Statistics
There may not be another
Slosher so deserving of
inclusion in the Sloshball Hall
of Fame.  Not for his many  
accomplishments on the field,
of which there are none--but
more so for his je ne se
qua--that undefinable quality
that makes Duke Duke.  He
can't hit or field to save his
life, yet he  epitomizes the
Sloshball spirit perfectly.  
There's no tangible statistical
reason for him to be in but
alas, he had to be in.  Welcome
to Hall, Duke!!
2007 Inductee, Jim Annan
Sloshball Biography
* Delivered his first homer in
2007. And then followed it up
with another dinger that same
* Consistently displays
gold-glove level fielding
prowess in left and center field.
* Has attended every Sloshball
but the original.
* Helped keep Andy DeLo
alive during the Laguna bus
* Has done quite well with the
Slosh ladies over the years.
Sloshball Career Statistics
Jim is yet another in a string
of Sloshball Hall of Famers
known more for their spiritual
contributions than their
athletic contributions.  Jim,
like Duke before him,
represents what Sloshball is
all about--a cool dude who just
laces em up merely to have a
few cold ones with some old
friends.  But he's no slouch on
the field either--in fact he's
one of Sloshball's finest
fielders. Welcome to the Hall,
2008 Inductee, Craig Jacobin
Sloshball Biography
* Founded Sloshball OC.
* Founded and
established over 30 chapters
throughout the world.
* Writer for all but three of the
Sloshball National Anthems
and each of the Slosh Videos.
* 3rd all-time home run leader,
with 9 lifetime dingers.
* Launched perhaps the deepest
homer in Slosh history in 2007.
* Hit Sloshball's final homer.
* Has one sweet booty.
Sloshball Career Statistics
In a fitting close to a
spectacular era of Sloshball
hilarity, Craig enters the
Sloshball Hall of Fame as the
great sport's founder,
commissioner, webmaster and
CEO-CFO of Sloshball
Orange County.  Along with
sporting one of the sweetest
booties in all of Sloshball,
Craig has worked closely with
the Slosh Committee to bring
the Sloshball spirit to the
world.  Welcome home, Craig!!