In a game meant to celebrate a bygone
era, Sloshball XIV proved to be the end
of an era itself.  It started out with a
kids derby and by the end of the day,
the little guys had taken over the place.  
Someday, Sloshball may find its way
back to fabled Coors Light Field. In the
meantime, we bid farewell to Sloshball
OC and thank all those who attended
over these many years. God speed,
- The Sloshball Committee
Two great Sloshers, Dave & Milo help get the field ready for action.
The Little Lady of Sloshball does some pre-game arm stretching.
Bigs Jacobin gets ready to dart around the bases like a wild animal.
The Commish gets the Kids Derby started.
Nick tears around third toward a sprint title.
Cade wishes he hadn't chugged all those diet shakes before the derby.
Colin works a little McGough magic in the junior sprint division.
Hayley rolls in for a ladies division championship and some face paint.
Kaitlin keeps her head down as she concentrates on reaching home.
Jacqueline stays focused on her next event.
Cade stares down the target before tossing.
The founder of "Bigsball" does his best to catch up to Colin's score.
Rory looks on in disbelief as he hits pay dirt on all three of his throws.
The home run hitting contest seamed to bring out the beast in Aidan.
Harrison takes a big cut as Sargent DeLo admires his bat speed.
Cassie zeros in on the oncoming pitch before launching a homer.
In keeping with the day's theme, the Derby closed with a dance-off.
Rory starts to display the mad dancing skills that earned him a title.
It was down to the wire when Rory busted a break to seal the deal.
Rory celebrates after having won the disco pimp hat of his dreams.
With play about to begin, the crowd settles in for a salute to America.
Zoe treats the crowd to "God Bless America".
And then just like that, Da Brewers & Spillabong were in action.
2006 Hall of Famer, Dukie gets downright medieval with the ball.
Andy takes a mighty cut in hopes of getting one out of the park.
Tuyet gets ready to hit pay dirt as her sister looks on in amazement.
Milo looks on as his Brewers squad was getting shut out early.
Sean still manages to crack a smile despite sloshing on London time.
Slosh veteran, Danny B takes the field after another rough inning.
2007 Hall of Famer, Jim Annan does his sloshing duty at 2nd base.
Believe it or not, this menacing stare actually means that he likes you.
Wes sports the ill-fated "B52" bat as he steps up for Spillabong.
Yes, it does take a 300 millimeter lens to catch Gary looking normal.
Lifelong "sluggers", Cade and Josh swap notes on the day's action.
Brian laughs it up just moments before severing his spinal cord.
Harrison takes a break to wonder why he's still not an Angels fan.
Ry sports some tiger face painting courtesy of his sister's artistry.
Longtime Sloshers know the drill--keep it mellow and enjoy the day.
Doug keeps things cool under his beach cap and shades.
The Slosh Hostess gives The Dillo the thumbs up to trample her boy.
Gary relaxes in deep left while his teammates try to pull it together.
Davey O toasts another enjoyable day out on the old Slosh Field.
The MVP and 2-Time Rookie of the Year celebrate a big Slosh win.
Milo's "Da Brewers" team basks in the glow of a hard-fought title.
Bigs prepares to crush a massive homer in the post-slosh game.
And with one mighty swing, it was gone.
Emma and Greg relax after a long but fun day in the summer sun.
What do you mean Sloshball is no more?  Say it ain't so, commish!!
And so Milo Chavis' "Da Brewers" squad goes down in history as the final Sloshball OC
champion after its 18-10 victory over Sean Kahr's "Spillabong" team.  Trinh gets the "Best
Play" award, Harrison earns "Rookie of the Year" and Cade takes home the hallowed
"MVP" award.  And in a fitting tribute, the game's one and only...and final home run comes
courtesy of the Commish.  Thanks for all the good times everyone.  Slosh on!!