- From the 405, take 133 south
- Take a left at El Toro Road
- Take a right on Aliso Creek
- Take a left on Glenwood
- Take a right on Cedarbrook
- The park is on your right
- If you reach Aliso Viejo Parkway, you've gone too far
August 8, 2009
Coming in 2009: BIGSBALL!!
Bigsball is an exciting new event being introduced by the founders of Sloshball with special consultation from T-Ball veteran, Mr. Ryan
"Bigs" Jacobin.  It will be custom-designed to be more oriented toward including our little dudes in the action and hopefully bring the
entire family back into the game again.

Over the past few years, we've been trying to evolve Sloshball to something a tad more kid-friendly, by taking the keg off of 2nd, trying
to speed up the game, reduce team socials and eliminating chug-offs.  However, Sloshball has been popular over the years for a reason
(and not just for the prospect of seeing Sean in that Indian costume).  You can't change it very easily.  But after spitting out a mouthful
of slosh dust at the hands of yet another slosher upset by the evolution of the great game, I knew that Sloshball OC was indeed dead.

While Bigsball won't be absent of the traditional malted refreshment, that fine beverage will no longer be integrated into the game
itself. So hopefully that will eliminate the perpetual string of blow-ups that seem to derail the casual nature of the game each year.  The
idea will again be to have a relaxing afternoon playing softball, catching up with old friends and sharing some laughs--you know, the way
Sloshball used to be.   Hope to see you then!!  - The Commish
The Directions
Pre-Game Warm-Up & Pot Luck
Jr Sloshball Derby
Player Draft
Pre-Game Salute to America
Bigsball I
Awards Ceremony