Month 73
Feb/Mar 05
Hey, I'm finally 6 years old, and I am so excited to be one of
the big kids.  Here I am in Miss Nobuko's class for my
birthday celebration.  That's me with the crown on.
My birthday circle lasted for half an hour, as Miss Nobuko
talked about each year of my life and each of the kids got to
say something nice about me and wish me happy birthday.
I'm getting to be quite the pro on the whole shtick.  C'mon,
sing along..."The earth goes around the sun, the earth goes
around the sun".  I'll tell you, it's quite the catchy tune.
My favorite part is when I get to put a little baby on my
special month--February.  She has a nice little pointy hairdo,
but she could sure use a diaper--that baby's naked, folks.
The required reverse shot of me and the old man.  Mom and
Dad both left work really early to be part of my birthday
celebration.  They had a great time playing with my friends.
Finally, it was time to head outside and pig
out on the awesome brownies that mom fired
up VERY late the night before. Thanks mom!!
Harrison doing some sort of pirate face with Griffin, who
apparently really enjoyed mom's brownies.
My good friend Jo-Jo and I sure have one thing in chunky
cheeks.   We've been playing together a lot at school.
Taylor and Bella having a good time, while they mow down
their brownies and cheek-itz (what a combination).  Yummy.
Here's a nice shot of one of Daddy's favorites,
Sophie.  He says she has really good manners.
A couple of days later, it was time for my
official birthday party.  This year, we rode a
wave of bounce-mania and had a bounce party.
The most popular spot for these bounce parties is almost
always the slide.  The slide at "Always Fun Bouncers" isn't
long but it's steep.  Here's Malik getting some serious air.
Even the little guys were able to get in on the action this
year. Here are Cam and Emma navigating through dino-land.
And here's my Big Boy trying desperately to keep up with the
girls, as mom watching the exciting action from afar.
One one side of the room, they also had air hockey and
foosball.  Here's Mathew trying to score a goal on Harrison.
Weeeeeeeeee!  There goes Sydney, as she tries to jump from
the top of the slide all the way to the bottom.  Crazy chick!!
"Jo-Jo, come here and give me a hug, you
little rascal".  We had such a blast that day.
This might have been the sweatiest birthday
party ever--good thing we had some Gatorade.
After all the jumping, we had pizza and cake.
Here are Taylor and Erika trying to cool off.
Aiden and Harry hamming it up with me in the background.
There are Nick and Cassie Oakes digging into their pizza.
Always good for a funny face, Sydney fires up some lunch.
And here's Mathew, looking like he could use a good shower.
Of course, we can't let a visit to Fashion Island slip by without
a quick train ride.  That's Bigs is one crazy little dude.
Here I am a few weeks later at Fashion Island.
They have some cool water fountain areas.
Then after a jumbo bag of M&M's made their
way out, we all got just a little bit crazy.
In early March, I went to Griffin's birthday party--he had his
at a bowling alley.  We had a blast rolling those bowling balls.
Here I am with Jo-Jo on our way back home for a play date.  
Dad got us both Barbie Fairytopia dolls to play with that night.
And here's Bigs wondering what we are talking about.  Now
that I'm 6, I need to keep a lot of important, girlie, secrets.
Syd is pretty crazy now--she even climbs up the outside of the
slide.  Well, thanks for stopping by.  See ya, next month. -Zoe
And we close out this month's action with a
visit to our park with Syd's family.
                                                          Zobo's Quote of the Month
This month's quotes actually come from Zoe's school friends during her birthday circle.  Each student
had a chance to say something about Zoe, as they went around the room.  While some kids went with
the standard lines or whatever the kid before them had said, there were several that really poured their
hearts out.  Here's a sampling:
Malik: "You are the funniest person in our class, thank you for always making me laugh".
Taross: "I remember that you were the first person to welcome me to the class when I was new".
Sophie: "Everybody likes you".
Mathew: "I have a lot of fun with you, I'm going to miss you when we graduate from kindergarten".
Jojo: "You're my best friend".