Month 72
Jan/Feb 05
Hi everyone!  Well, we're heading down the homestretch
toward a very significant birthday--in a few weeks I'm going
to be a big, bad six year old.  Actually, I'm starting to get a
little worried about moving to a new school later this year
and the prospect of missing all my University Montessori
friends.  But until then, I'm going to live it up with all these
guys.  Here I am with my good buddy Sydney at our friend
Celine's party.  Fortunately, Sydney lives nearby, so we'll
probably still get to see each other for years to come (don't
move, you guys).   Well, enjoy this month's fun pics.
One Saturday afternoon, I wanted to head over to the park
near our old house in Aliso Viejo.  I like to play in the sand.
Whoops, looks like the old man got a little too
close with the flash again.  What a goof-ball.
I get up high onto the playground equipment
when the neighborhood dogs come walking by.
Even though it's about 2 sizes too small, I still
like wearing my Broncos cheerleader outfit.
"Hey look, dad--our shadows are waving hello to everyone."
"Come here you chunky monkey and give me a little kissy."
Now that I'm getting older, I realize that stretching is very
important.  If I don't stretch, my legs can get pretty sore.
I'm still taking ballet class in school.  This day
I wore my extra-special, pink feather skirt.
This was a special day because my entire family watched me
dance.  Mom, dad and Bigs were all there to see me in action.
Here a I am posing with my good buddy, Syd.  
She might be the best dancer in our troupe.
This month, I ventured into the world of
calling my friends.  God help Mom & Dad.
Quinlan turned one this month.  Aunt Anhthy gave him the
first piece of cake and he made quite the mess of it.
Here I am busting into one of my jobs--the
highly decorative "weather journal".
Dad and Mom having been taking turns visiting my class
every couple of weeks to help out in the class.
All of us kids do little projects or "jobs" to help us learn all
sorts of cool things.  That's my buddy, Griffin in the middle.
This job is called "Golden Beads".  It does a really good job of
teaching me how to count numbers, add and subtract.
Here I am posing at Flo Jo park with a
bologna and cheese sandwich in my hand.
Whenever Dad asks me to get in front of the
camera I go into instant-model mode.
He can barely hold me like this for more than about 30
seconds, but Dad still loves to pick me up and give me a kiss.
Here's the whole family at Flo Jo Park.  Hey Bigs, this is for my
website--ya think you can look a little happier, Weenie Boy?
Here's the difference in our modeling skills.  I know to look
into the lens.  Bigs is focused on the flip screen.  Dang fool.
Here I am visiting Dad's office one Sunday afternoon.  We
set the camera on a shelf and hurried back to look real busy.
In what is quickly becoming "The Year of the Bounce Party",
here I am eating Frito Chips at Harrison's Bounce Party.
I've got one word for you...Humidity.
This was Bigsy's first trip to the hot pool.  That's me using
"puppy face" to suggest we celebrate the feat at Dairy Queen.
Bigs & I checking out some very hungry seagulls angling
toward our breakfast while we were at Laguna Beach.
One day, Syd came over to hang out with me and talk shop.
Here we are pretending to be extremely cool lipstick models
who happen to hang out and pose at various playgrounds.
That little blondie really cracks me up!
And that's me posing with Sleeping Beauty.  She told us a
very nice story about her days waiting around for her prince.
Upon arrival at Disneyland, I usually want to log in some
serious Princess action.  Here I am snuggling up to Cinderella.
Funny faces are now my specialty.  Here I am with Mom
outside of Mr Toad's Wild Ride (which was very scary for me).
My favorite part is when we all line up to get
autographs.  I even got a new book that day.
No, this is not me on a high-speed roller coaster.  It's me on
the ultra-slow Small World ride.  Isn't Dad just so tricky?
I like to sing the song during the entire ride.  And Dad
usually likes to take a nap--it's just so nice and cool in there.
On the night of my actual birthday, Mom fired up one of our
traditional cakes from Creative Cakery.  Soooooo tasty.
Hey everyone, check it out.  I'm six years old
and this is six fingers.  What are the odds?
Another birthday and
another lovely bouquet of
flowers from Daddy.  That
old guy really does love me.  
Well, thanks for stopping by.
                    Zobo's Quote of the Month
Now that Zoe's getting to be pretty expressive, she's learning all sorts of new words and phrases that she
like to use.  Here's a sampling of her new found linguistic wizardry.  Feel free to use these at home.

Humdinger: She really has no idea what this word means but it's obviously just way to funny not to use
at least 47 times per day and as a noun to describe just about anything.

Oshidi: Needless to say, she thinks she's really clever by saying the word "butt" in Japanese.

Puppy Face: This phrase has now completely replaced the word "please" in Zoe's vocabulary and comes
complete with hands tucked under her chin and big, sad puppy face eyes.  Even Bigs has picked up on
the magical impact that a little "puppy face" can have on the old folks.

Actually: Zoe "actually" uses this word correctly.  It just sounds really funny when she does because she
drags the word out for emphasis.  "Well Daddy, accccccccctually, I do need a cookie for dessert."
It's my birthday, so you know
what that means.  Time to don
one of those ratty old Disney
dresses and enough lipstick to
keep my lips red for a month
and hit the land the Walt built.  
Here we are holding Tinkerbell.