Month 61
Feb/Mar 2004
I know my birthday was last month, but Sydney couldn't be
there.  So what's the harm in one more celebration?  Hmmm,
what should I wish for this time?  Down below, that's all of us
playing games after we had dinner and cake.  What a blast!!
Lately, dad and I have been hanging out in "Camp
Zobo" (our tent) at night.  But since it's still cold
outside, we set up camp in the living room.  
Cade has the most amazing collection
of bikes, cars, cycles, razor's and
ATV's of any toddler on earth.
It wouldn't be a normal month in my
toddler life without a little quality time
with my hero, Snow White.  I love her.
One day we got to help babysit my cousin Quinlan,
while Mark & Anhthy went out.  He really didn't do
much but sleep, but we still had a nice time.
Birthday season is kicking into high-gear, and in
March it's Cade's turn.  Here I am with Hayley eating
chicken wings and downing soda.  So delicious.
Dad treated me to a day off of Bigsy crying to visit
Disneyland one day.  It was really crowded, but I still
managed to see all my faves.  Here I am with Belle.
Disneyland had a new "Snow White" play that was
premiering that week.  Dad and I stayed in line for
an hour to get front row seats.
Once the play started, I was awe-struck by the
whole thing.  And it didn't hurt things to have
characters brushing past me as they ran on-stage.
I love the seven dwarfs.  My favorite is Dopey--he's
so cute.  I know them all by name and I can even
sing their work song, "Hi Ho" all by myself.
When the play ended, confetti came down.  I took
that as my cue to bust out and collect as much of
the stuff as I could carry.  I'm going to save it.
One weekend, Dad took a photo class in La Jolla.  
We got to come down and join him at the hotel and
stay for the weekend.  Here I am having lunch.
And here's Mom having breakfast the next day.  I
love waffles and scrambled eggs.  And Bigs loves
anything he can throw.  It was Fruit Loops that day.
On Sunday, we got to visit Lego Land for the first
time.  It's kind of small but very cool.  And luckily, it
was a bit rainy so we had the park to ourselves.
This ride was cool.  I got to drive a go-cart all by
myself--no tracks or anything.  Bigs couldn't
believe it and he stared in disbelief as I drove by.
Dad loves to take shots where he holds the camera
out in front of us--it's the only way he ever gets in
the photos.  I think that's my imitation of a duck.
"Gosh, so many legos but so little time."
Anything that looks like a stage, must be a stage.  
Time for a quick song & dance routine for the
unsuspecting locals.  Hey, check out my cool shoes.
Lego Land is cool.  They have all these
replica cities built out of legos.  Here I
am feeling like King Kong in New York
                                   Zobo's Quote of the Month
Zoe's obsession with princesses continues to dominate her life.  She still dresses up at least
2-3 times a week (although, we've finally convinced her that she shouldn't go to school
dressed like Mini Mouse, Belle, Jasmin, etc).  But she's finally starting to emerge from 100%
fantasy land and questioning the world around her.  When we visit the community hot tub at
night, she likes to point out the things in the sky.  The other day her two worlds collided in
the form of a vision of her future. "Daddy, when I grow up I'm going to be Snow White and I'm
going to be the Queen of the Moon.  And you can come visit me when the seven dwarfs are
out working on their moon farm."  OK, I take it back.  Maybe she is still 100% in fantasy
land...I'll keep you posted.
Farewell from Disneyland.  
Thanks for stopping by and I'll
see you next month.