Month 49
Febuary/March 03
As is our annual tradition, we fired up a little
Disneyland action on my birthday.  Here I am
with Dad giving a "thumbs up" at the entrance.
This year, I got a special treat because my
cousins Tasha and Kailey were there to meet
me.  Here I am first spotting Tasha in line.
Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Zoe, Happy Birthday To Me!!
We stopped by the princess store for some story-telling on the
part of Mary Poppins.  Dad got picked to play the role of the
"wolf" and I got to be the "woodsman" who saved everyone.
Tasha and I jumped on the carousel and were surprised to find
Snow White riding on a horse just a few feet away.  She
waved to me and then started waving to everyone at the park.
Here's a wacky picture of Tasha on her horse. Hers had a
tremendous set of chompers, so Dad wanted to get just the
right angle for the shot.
My horse also looked a little funny with it's big tong and
flaring nostrils.  You can see by the look on my face that I
was having a blast on my birthday.
We never go to Disneyland without catching some sort of
parade.  This was the "Trash Can Gang"--three dudes who
made music by banging their trash cans.  They were great.
We took a break for lunch and I had my standard order of a
hot dog and chips.  By my count, I have consumed nearly 250
hot dogs during my short 4 years of existence.  Thanks Dad.
Finally, it was Sunday--time for my birthday party.  This year,
we celebrated at the Long Beach Aquarium.  It was a bit of a
hike north for everyone but we had a pretty good time.
We got to have our own private lesson at the aquarium,
highlighted by a little touch pool just for us.  We got to touch
urchins, starfish and even a giant shark--very slimy!!
From the left, that's Hayley, Sydney, Grayce, Bella, Tasha me
and Rollin.  We got to draw and learn about shark's teeth but
the touch pool was definitely the best part of the party.
After the class, we got to go outside and touch some more
fish.  Here I am with Tasha and Grayce trying to get our little
paws on a sting ray.  They were just a bit too fast for us.
Here I am playing with Josie near a giant water-spraying
squid. We got a little too wet but we had a great time.  "Jo Jo"
is one of my best friends at school and in my ballet class.
When we came back inside, it was time for cake and opening
presents.  I cleaned house, while all the kids jockeyed for
position to get a look at my bounty.
When we left, we got caught in a traffic jam in the parking
structure.  There was some sort of reggae concert going on.  
Tash and I took the opportunity to drive Daddy crazy.
On Monday morning it was
President's Day, so I got to
stay home and play with
Tasha a bit longer before
they flew home.  I took her
up to our park.  Here we
are acting like we're taking
a nap on the playground.
Tasha really liked the yellow tube slide.  Here
she is laughing like a wild jackal as she slides
down as fast as possible.
And here I am right after her.  We worked the
playground and then played hide-n-seek with
Dad (who is a spectacular hider-n-seeker).
Right before we left to go to the airport, Tasha insisted that
Dad take a bunch of pictures of each of us, so that she would
have something to look at on the plane.  Here's Tash.
And here I am looking dreamy (probably thinking about diving
into that next hot dog and chips combo).  I had a great time
with Tash--hopefully she'll come back to my house soon.
The weekend was full of lots of activities and visitors.  On the
left, that's me and Tash playing chicken with Alex.  And on
the right, that's Papa and Berta at Sabatino's Sausage House.
Even after all the action surrounding my birthday, the month
didn't fizzle out without some more activities.  Here I am with
Harrison at the Ducks game (he thinks he's Laker, Rick Fox)
I spend an obscene amount of time at home dressing up in all
sorts of odd attire.  Here I am practicing ballet with the
assistance of a hair band and a dish towel.  Very elegant.
That morning we discovered something new about Harrison--
he's a coffee drinker.  OK, it's decaf but we were all impressed
and quite interested to see if hair would sprout on his chest.
Here I am waiting to go to the Pancake House with my best
pals, Sydney and Harrison.  Harrison really cracks me up--he's
got a great personality and is one fine piece of eye candy.
"Big Boy" has taken to big kid baths--some Mom likes to bunch
us up together in the big tub.  He sits up really well in there,
although he has made a couple of dicey moves under water.
OK, seriously, when is this kid going to grow some hair?  No
teeth and no hair--he's like a human turtle.  I had tons of hair
at 8 months.  I may go buy him a rug to wear in the meantime.
Dear Tasha-
Thanks for coming to my house and
celebrating my 4th birthday with me.  
Because you were there (and frankly
because I don't quite have the mental
capacity to remember exactly how the
other three went), it was my best
birthday ever.  I hope you come back
and see me soon.
-Your crazy cousin, Zobo
             Zobo's Quote of the Month
Zoe and Tash were fast friends during their weekend together.  They were pretty much
inseparable the whole time and "good-bye" was shaping up to be a doozy.  Fortunately,
Zoe fell asleep in the car on the way to the airport, so we were able to avoid a tearful
event...until she woke up that is...afterwhich she repeated the phrase, "I didn't get to say
good-bye before the air trip" about 1,857 times.  OK, it was actually pretty heartbreaking
at the time but I'm sure it will be quite funny in a couple of years.