Month 48
January/February 2003
We started the month off in style by visiting the Super Bowl festivities down in San
Diego.  And then we rounded things out with the beginning of my annual birthday
week celebration--this time, chock full of activities and relatives.  Here goes...
Dad loves football.  I just love all the pretty colors.  In
particular, I liked all the cool flags that they had lined up
along one of the walls.  "Hey, there's the Broncos, dad."
Dad picked me up early from school one day and took me
to San Diego to see the Super Bowl festivities.  Here we
are on a bus heading to check out "The NFL Experience"
To the left, that's me trying on a Chargers helmet (just a
bit too big).  And to the right, that's the picture that the
fine folks at Pepsi took of us.  We had a blast that day.
Here's the whole gang in a group shot.  That's my crazy
pal Syd up at the top.  To my left is the birthday girl and
to my right is my good Montessori pal, Camilla.
Here I am at my friend Grayce's birthday party.  It was
my very first "drop-off" party.  We had a great little tea
party and then danced and played all sorts of fun games.
Despite the efforts of my parents, I'm literally obsessed
with makeup.  I sneak into Mom's bathroom and get into
her makeup all the time.  And I'm getting very good at it.
Here I am doing my makeup with Mom.  This must have
been one of those days where the folks just gave up.  I
can do powder, lipstick, eye shadow and body sparklies.
One Saturday, my good friend Hayley came over to play
at my neighborhood park.  She doesn't talk much, but we
always have a great time together making funny faces.
Here I am with Mom, Anhthy and "Big Boy" waiting to
dig in at "The Hut" (otherwise known as The Pancake
House).  I had my usual order--scrambled eggs and cakes.
This is Kayla.  She lives in Torrance but she comes to my
neighborhood every couple of weeks to hang out with her
grandparents.  I usually spot her at the park or pool.
Finally, my favorite week of the year
arrived.  Wow, my 4th birthday.  The
day before my birthday, Miss Sarah did
a special celebration in front of all my
classmates, as well as Dad, Mom,
Gramma Cookie and Big Al.

She read a little bit about me for each
year of my life.  When she got to age
three, she mentioned that my best friend
was Daddy and we like to go to baseball
games together.   I gave Dad a thumbs
up sign that he'll never ever forget.
After the ceremony, I got to pick four friends with which
to share my birthday cupcakes.  In an ominous sign for
the future, I chose four boys (led, of course, by Harrison).
Here I am diving into my birthday cupcakes with my pal,
Rollin.  All the kids really liked the great chocolate on
chocolate cupcakes that Mom made for the class.
Here I am the night before my first
birthday with my annual bouquet
from the old man.  Aren't they
pretty?  Well, come back soon for
my birthday pics.  Take care.
              Zobo's Quote of the Month
Zoe's bedtime ritual now often includes a game she calls "the color game".  We take turns giving
color or shape clues about something and see if the other person can guess the object.  For week's
Zoe's clues were always the same: "It's really big...and really small...and has lots of colors".  Half
the time the answer is "Rainbow"--which when guessed correctly always gets a shocked "You got
it!!".  What's even funnier are some of her answers to my clues.  Here are two of my favorites.

Dad: What's really big, made of bricks and filled with children?  Zoe: A Porcupine
Dad: What's big and white and can fly in the air?  Zoe: A Polar Bear