Month 108
Jan/Feb 08
It's my birthday month...but before
we kick into this year's festivities,
here's a lovely pic of me having a
good time at the Ladera Ranch
park.  OK, let's move on
people...nothing to see here...
Here we are with the little man in front of the
movie theater where we saw Hannah in 3D!!
On the day of my big party, my good friends Bella and Sophie
came over to my house to ride together to my party in Irvine.
We met all the girls outside the theater and then went to have
McDonald's burgers and birthday cake at the food court.
Here's the whole crew gathered around to sing "Happy
Birthday" to me.  We had a cool cupcake cake this year.
We split everyone into different tables--so I hung out with my
old school crew, Syd, Bella and Hayley.  We had lots of fun.
Then it was on to the theater where we got to fire up our 3D
glasses for the show.  The theater was packed with girls.
Big is usually a ham sandwich anyway.  Toss some girls that
must have looked like super models to him and it's trouble.
Here we are all acting like rock stars after the show.  That
Hannah Montana really puts on a great show.  Hey, I'm 9!!
Thanks for stopping
by to visit me for
my birthday.  See
ya next month!