Month 109
Feb/Mar 08
With Bigs picking T-Ball this spring, it seemed like a good idea
to take a few hacks at the plate (and some dancing) with him.
Aaah, another birthday and another
round of lovely flowers from Dad.  
That guy really digs me.
One rainy day, we went to down to Crystal Cove for our first
meal at The Beachcomber.  Here we are in the shuttle bus.
The rain made the trip kind of fun because we got to walk
down on a muddy street on our way to have breakfast.
The Beachcomber is the restaurant next to all the cool old
cottages that the state of California are rebuilding and renting.
Along the main beach, you can see that many of the old
cottages haven't been re-built yet.  It's really cool down there.
To the left of the restaurant are a bunch of tide pools.  But
with the tide a bit high, it was hard for us to get over there.
Nothing gets the Jackos more fired up than a chance to make
goofy faces for a family picture.  I think my face is the best.
Here's Bigsy (the one nearest) getting warmed up for his first
T-Ball game ever.  It was cold that day but we had a blast.
I got to realize a dream come true when we were asked to
man the snack bar that day.  We cleared over $50 in sales!!
When two games ended at the same time, we got slammed with
orders for hot dogs, candy, soda and Gatorade.  Pheeeewwww!!
A familiar scene--me perched in the wicker chair in the office
next to Dad doing homework.  We like to hang out together.
Here I am in the photo booth with Hayley at Cade's party.
I thought roller skating was easy but it was hard.
My BFF, Syd during one of
our many play dates.  We're
playing Playstation video
games.  See ya next month.
Syd's sister, Cam-Cam with their new stowaway, Charlie.
And Hayley and Collin with Ace--the adopted seeing eye dog.