The Ultimate Multiplication of Duke
During what will forever be
known as Sloshball's painful
"Year of Darkness", one brave
and dedicated soul kept this
great American tradition alive.

His name was Duke.

And this is his story.
It was a perfect day for Sloshball.  And everything seemed to be in
place--just like had promised.  Bunting, flags, bats, balls
and a frosty cold metal warrior standing guard over the dugout.
But as time ticked by, Duke realized that something was  wrong.  At
a time when he should have been knee deep in slosh hilarity, we was
alone--acting as nothing more than Sloshball's angel in the outfield.
But as is the belief of all true sloshers, the game must go on.  So in a
bold stroke of genius, Duke Kahr wiped away the tears and began a
game that will go down in history as perhaps our finest ever.
First to join in the festivities was Duke's evil alter-ego, Ron.  
Donning a black cap and a nasty attitude, Ron challenged the young
upstart to a battle in the trenches.  And Sloshball 2006 was back on!!
Soon, more sloshers arrived and suddenly it was like any other
game.  Here Duke discusses game strategy with his good friend,
Duke, while behind them, Duke takes pre-game matters into his own
The ensuing competition for Sloshball 2006 was fierce.  Even one of
the chug-off disputes got a little nasty when Duke thought that Duke
was not being entirely fair about a close call at home plate.
In the end, Sloshball 2006 proved to be an all-time classic, ending in an unheard of three-way tie, forever more giving "Duke, Duke &
More Duke" a place in the Sloshball history books.  Earning the MVP award was Duke. In a tight battle that was only decided on the
game's last play, the "Best Play" award went to Duke.  And in a stunning surprise, the game's "Rookie of the Year" went to Duke.   It was
a game marked by multiple dimensions and gripping drama.  Thanks for the keeping the string alive, Dukie!!
Dear Commissioner,
Don't leave me alone with these freaks.  Please
have a Sloshball game in 2007 and I promise
not to drain the entire allotment of beverages
and hallucinate for 17 hours.  I'm all for
sloshball and everything but this ain't right.  I
have a job and a mentally ill brother to take
care of.  And as it stands right now, I believe
I'm a dachshund.  Just do the right thing,

Slosh On!