2007 Sloshball XIII
After a painful hiatus brought on by "the man", Sloshball was back
with a vengeance in 2007.  The 13th playing of the great game proved
quite lucky for Mark Tobin's championship squad "Big Squeeze" squad.
In what may go down as the commissioner's proudest Slosh
moment, Zoe belts out "God Bless America" to get us started.
Sloshball regulars, Mike and Chuck are already looking worn
down from the heat and we've barely started playing the game.
As has become his Slosh signature, Milo arrives in some
color-coordinated outfit--but this year, he's flashing the guns.
Ian is shown here preparing for barefoot glory.  This and
many of this year's Slosh photos were taken by his son, Aidan.
2007 was the "Year of Templeman".  Jeff almost single
handedly won this year's game with a stunning 4 homers.
Trinh rounds second base accidentally before putting on the
breaks to go back and perform her required Sloshball duties.
Future Slosh Hall of Famer, Bigsy really enjoyed Sloshball
this year.  As usual, he did quite well with the ladies that day.
And speaking of ladies, if it isn't the Queen of Sloshball
himself.  Looks like Sean made his way to Wrigley this year.
After getting bored with the little kids, Zoe finds one of the
grown up kids to squirt in the face.  Hey, that's hot water!!
Zoe's pretty eyes and smile always seem to be on display when
we play this game.  She loves hanging around the park all day.
Down by over 20 runs, Jacko and Rockin' decide to take
matters in their own hands on this "obstructed" foul ball.
The seventh inning stretch marked the return of the hit
singing duo, Zobo & Bigs.  Excellent work, Slosh children!!
As the game wears on, the kids start getting in on the action
big time for the first time ever.  Here's Zoe taking a swing.
And luckily most of the kids were on Rockin's pathetic squad,
which meant lots of tykes on base when the adults came up.
Might as well mix in a little karate to scare off the opposition.
Here's the little man getting completely
fired up about reaching third base.
2007 Hall of Famer, Jim Annan recounts his many years of
Slosh excellence with his fellow award-winning brethren.
Nothing quite beats that post-game awards ceremony for good
clean Sloshball camaraderie.  Flip, Rockin' and Mac chat it up.
Yes, Sloshball XIII may go down in history as
the year the kids truly invaded the action.  So
it seemed like this picture of my fired up
little dude was a good way to bid everyone
farewell until next year.  Thanks to all who
helped make Sloshball happen again this
year--in particular Dave, Milo, Sean and the
Flipsta.  Get ready for Sloshball XIV--it will
be here before you know it!!
-The Commish