HeyRyan.com Month 48
July 2006
My new favorite sport is putt-putt golf.  And
I'm a really sore loser too, so that's fun.
Hey, look at that, another dad-assisted hole
in one.  Just as long as I win, people.
One Saturday, we ventured down to Laguna Beach and hit
the Sawdust Festival.  Here I am making some pottery.
To celebrate the 4th of July, Dad decided to relive his
obviously distorted youth by lighting a bunch of snakes.
Here I am with Zoe outside the OC Fair.  We met the
Toole's there for a little junk food and cheesy ride action.
My first time on the bumper cars was awesome--I had a
great time.  I mean I reeeeeeeeeally had a great time!!
OK, I'm not too proud to admit that I had a
bit too much fun on the bumper cars.  Yipes.
Donning my new attire, I was back at it in no time.  Here
I am chasing after Zoe on some sort of jet ski ride.
We celebrated Dad's birthday at Sabatino's with the
Kahrs.  Here we are chasing after Josh and Ava.
Since I began watching Power Rangers this summer, I've
discovered that I have super human strength.  Excellent.