Week One
To the left, please meet one really good omen--my first-ever roommate, Kiana
Tom. For you ladies out there, I'm sure you've never heard of her before.  But for
you guys, yes, that's the same Kiana Tom who hosted "Flex Appeal" on ESPN for
about 10 years.  She and mom shared a labor recovery room (and thereby, she
became my first official roomie).  Not that I'm bragging or anything...but I believe
her exact words were "he's soooooooo adorable".   Yeah, that's right.
Speaking of hotties, here's Zobo just
moments before our first ever meeting.  I
think she's going to be a pretty cool sister.  
She patted me on the head and even gave
me a kiss.  Then she tried to ride Mom's
mechanical bed and finished things off by
hitting the "code blue" button before taking
me home.  OK, maybe this is going to get a
little crazy.
And here we are spending our first few
moments together as a family.  For the
occasion, Zobo selected a stunning "Ariel"
mermaid outfit that I found enchanting.  OK, I
was actually asleep throughout her visit, but it's
the thought that counts.
My first official visitors were
Sean, Big Al and Lynn (although
Sean pretty much just came to
see if he could meet Kiana
Tom).  Sean and Dad entertained
Zoe while she pretended to be Dr.
Jacobin--complete with rubber
surgical gloves, while Lynn and I
snuggled for a bit.  Nice to meet
you guys.
Soon it was time for me to head home.  
Here's the nice candy striper who
helped wheel me out to the car.
Then we all piled into Dad's car for the
ride home.  Wow, Zoe looks like a
giant monster compared to me.
Here's Milo with the first
installment of the Baby
Ryan Supper Club.  Each
night for my first week
home a different friend
comes over to check me
out and drop off dinner.  
Milo brought over some
tasty Jack Shrimp action.  
I'm sure it was delicious.
Day 2 belonged to the lovely O'Connor
family.  They brought over some
delicious ribs and pasta from Oscar's
Sean and Mr. Poopers stopped by with
a heaping selection of Maggiano's
finest. He even stayed to eat himself.
Day 3 was for the McGough's, who
delivered a nice sampling of Claim
Jumper items--led by bread pudding.
And then B-Luv closed out the week by
dropping off some delicious tacos and
burritos from Taco Mesa.  Delish!!
Cool, time for my first official photoshoot with
Dad. At this point, I was 5 days old--but I already
look like a wily old 2 month old.
Everyone was really surprised to discover that not
all babies scream 24/7 (not that I'm implying Zoe
was like that or anything).  Big yawn.
When I'm awake, I like to make lots of strange
faces and twitch.  But that only lasts until I either
get some milk or fall back asleep.
For the record, Mom bought me this nifty football
hat.  Dad's going to wait at least a couple more
days until he imposes his football will upon me.
Man, nine months in the fetal position really put a
kink in my neck.  Hey, can I get a masseuse over
here?  I'm just dying for a little deep tissue work.
With Daddy just snapping pics like fool, I decided
to test out the old lungs and give him something
worth photographing.  I WANT SOME MILKIE!!!
Well, not a bad first week.  I got
to meet lots of new friends and
spend some quality time with
Mom, Dad and Zoe.  I think I'm
gonna like things here. I'll
always remember my Kiana, but
it was time to move on with my
life--things just weren't working
out.  I really didn't want to
spend the rest of my life in the
hospital, so that pretty much
ended things.  Well, come back
and visit me often.