Main Events
You wouldn't know that this was one of the ugliest days
in the life of one Craig Jacobin, Broncos fan.
The other half of the Broncos hair boys, Dean Olson
before the Jags stunned the Broncos in the playoffs.
The old south standers just 13 minutes before kickoff.
Dean and I bumped into the Osses at Old Chicago's.
The final game with the old unis--motivation for two titles.
One of several freakish Broncos regulars.
Instead of a title game in Denver, Dean came to So-Cal
instead.  Here's the infamous Mud Bowl Game photo.
The champion Bulls the year they won 70--Kerr, Pippen,
Jordan, Kucoc and Rodman. That was an awesome team.
Spring Training in Arizona--the Cubs vs. the White Sox.  
Craig's infamous Cubs jersey was bought this day.
The grounds crew does a masterful job on The infield.
USC-UCLA game back when UCLA used to own the
Trojans.  Those days are GONE my friend. UCLA SUCKS!
Milo and Trish working a little cross-town magic.
A weekend trip to San Francisco always leads us back to
Michelangelo's Restaurant--the place where we had
dinner the night of our engagement.  Good tortellini.
Chardonnay grapes at Mondavi Winery.
Sean Kahr at the annual Jacobin Holiday Throw Down.
A Santa Claus-dressed Scott Haiduc surveys the carnage.
Craig's Toronto co-workers at one very fun Christmas Party.
One of our Art Directors, Ernie Bertuzzo
took the stage and sang his Italian ass off.
Hanging out with Chris & Carrie at the wedding reception.
Mom & Alex before their wedding.