Main Events
Milo takes in the real "NFL Experience" in San Diego.
Oiler, Milo Chavis tries to milk Steeler, Sean Kahr.
It's amazing how tiny Craig's head looks in a man's body.
Sean makes a run for it with a Warren Sapp-signed ball.
After waiting for half an hour, Craig shanks a field goal.
Yo Tyra!  Ya lef ya toofbrush in my bafroom!!
Dave and Craig pose with the infamous "Barrel Man".
Banners outside Qualcomm--the greatest Super Bowl ever.
Elway leaves the field, his first championship in the bank.
An exhausted Craig watches the game in disbelief.
Al McGough
struggling to stay
awake during a visit
to Big Bear.
Sean & Bill, one night in Big Bear.
Anhthy & Mark skate around the rink.
Pedro Martinez at his peak gets ready at Fenway Park.
Wrigley's more fun, but Fenway is feels really small.
The famed green monster, before they added seats.
Underneath Fenway, it feels like a high school stadium.
Giacomo's in the Italian District--unbelievable salmon.
The Paul Revere statue in front of the
Old North Church, where a signal
from the top of the steeple marked the
start of the Revolutionary War.
Back home, Davie O fires up some
margaritas before Jimmy Buffett.
We watched "Elvis" perform for a few
minutes before he recognized Sean.
The next morning, the surf rolls in.
For Anhdai's 30th, we stayed at the Surf 'n Sand in
Laguna for the weekend.  Here's our Friday Dinner.
Anhdai discovers a surprise dinner with 20 of our friends.
Jennifer and Chanel hanging out with the birthday girl.
Flip opens up her gifts, while Dave Oskorus laughs it up.
"Honey, I can't believe what a stud you are--let's party".
Trinh and Anhdai discuss Gary's affinity for seafood.
Gary just can't resist the temptation to grab some green.
The New York Yankees celebrate their Wold Series title.
The Yankees swept the Padres 4-0 that year.
Flip's "starting" to show at our Thanksgiving dinner.
Too much turkey and wine for Bill, as he naps with Lu-Dog.
Practicing Christmas carols before hitting the neighbors.
A spring trip to Europe began with beers and a baby in Munich.
Then on to my favorite city in the world--Paris.
The view from across the Seine toward Notre Dame.
The Eiffel Tower is awesome in person.
We were lucky enough to score French Open tix on the fly.
Watching Martina Hingis at Roland Garros was pretty cool.
Tunisian pastries in the Latin Quarter--these things rock.
Anhdai reliving the Sound of Music in Salzburg.
A massive thunderstorm hit us in Salzburg.
Once the sun came out, it was time for Pilsners.
From there, we hit Vienna--lots of extravagant coffee houses.
...And thankfully, just as many of these sausage huts.
Untouched by the world wars, Prague is like a fairy tail city.
The very gothic old church in the town square.
Our last day in Prague
before the flight
home--better load up
on sausages, it's gonna
be a long flight.
Bill checks out Sean's Kwanza cookie.
Craig enjoys the fruits of his labors in his luxury office.
A Tarentino-esque shot of Craig's at work.