Colapalooza 2008: NYC
"Gotham Gone Bad"
The Big Apple hadn't seen dudes
quite this stupid since a bunch of
fools ate lunch on a Rockefeller
Plaza beam hanging over the city in
1932.  Let's do this people!!
Day One
The trip began with a highly contested in-flight trivia game
where the boys learned the true meaning of "white gold".
Al closes out our shots of
day one with this highly
fired-up shot at Daisy Mae's
BBQ.  Later that night we
cruised down to the meat
packing district (steady) to
check out the scene.
Sean riding in the cab--anxiously awaiting our arrival at the
site of the most glamorous hotel in New York.
The owner of our "glamorous hotel" had to meet us to let
us in, so we went across the street and drank some brews.
Sean and Milo debate the benefits of staying in a
flee-ridden apartment on the sketchy side of mid-town.  
Day Two
Heading down to NBC, we walked by one of the many fire
stations that battled the 9/11 attacks and lost some men.
Looking up at 30 Rock, home of Conan O'Brien,
NBC News, Saturday Night Live & Liz Lemon.
But today, the only thing the cameras
saw were four fools from the OC.
You can't help but wonder what this old boy saw--Johnny
Carson, official word of JFK's death, the original SNL crew?
The rest of the day was filled up by the Brooklyn Pizza Tour,
a carefully-researched trip to NY's best neighborhood pizza.
Grimaldi's was really good--thin crisp Neapolitan-style crust
covered with fresh ingredients and chunks of mozzarella.
The famed Brooklyn Bridge and the delightfully brownish/
greenish East River, home to countless mob paybacks.
The great city's lower tip--definitely doesn't feel the same
without the twin towers, which used to be in the center.
After Grimaldi's, we ventured on to the Sicilian-style
square-cut pizza at L&B Spumoni.  We all agreed it was best.
The key to L&B's is the after-pizza Spumoni
ice cream they serve.  Very good stuff.
The Giants game was pretty cool, just a little tough to get to.
They torched the Redskins to begin their 2007 title defense.
Then it was off to the Giants game.  That's
the Empire St Building and MSG on the right.
Later that night, we
cruised by White Castles
(Milo had never tried
one) and then Stage Deli,
where we ran into Jackie
Mason.  Already the
calorie count for this trip
was off the hook.
Day Three
Smalls at Smalls.  
Nuff said.
Checking out the Metropolitan Museum of Art and some
recovered Spanish Knight armor.  Looks hot inside there.
The rooftop of the Museum featured a bunch of giant
balloon art from Jeff Koons.  Anyone have a giant pin?
Yes, this is what a Reuben looks like at Carnegie.  And yes, it took me about a week to completely eat.
I wasn't too pumped to see this play but I actually liked it a
lot--it's like Sesame Street redone by Hugh Hefner.
Day Four
The highlight of the trip was to be in the studio audience
for a Conan taping, featuring Triumph The Insult Dog.
Then, as if one massive Reuben at Stage wasn't enough,
we hit Carnegie Deli to meet wayward Paloozian, Bill Taylor.
The next day, we ventured down to the Village for something
to eat--we ended up at The Spotted Pig, a great old pub.
This place featured a lot of pig art and some really tasty
food.  The place looks like it's been there for 100 years.
Then what better to wash down some giant hamburgers
than donuts.  The Donut Plant is now an all-time favorite.
After snagging some last minute tix to "Avenue Q", we hit
Jack's (an Al McGough haunt) for some Guiness & Chips.
After that, our plans for the day went south, as Hurricane
Hannah (figures) descended upon the Manhattan.
So instead of a Mets-Phillies & US Open
Women's final, we decided to hit another play.
After Carnegie we ventured over to the Marriott Marquis to
sip cocktails and check out Times Square for 40 stories up.
Bill was in town for a wedding but
managed to join his boys for some fun.
Milo tries to  remember what it was like to buy a cocktail for
under $15 dollars--man, this town is a tad expensive.
Like a bunch of girls pretending to be on Sex In The City,
we ordered a few Cosmopolitans to close out the night.
The view from the mirrored ceiling above us in the Marriott Marquis bar.
Our final day in the city and we actually got a semi-early
start and somehow avoided eating a 2k calorie breakfast.
Sean strolls atop the Rock for the best view of the city and
some phenomenal pictures on a perfect weather day.
We went back over to Rockefeller Center, this time to take
the trip to the top for some cool views of this great town.
The north side of the Rock is highlighted by a great view of
Central Park and the upper West and East sides.
And to the South, the Empire State Building and the Statue
of Liberty (the small vertical shape at the top of the water).
Before going to the airport, we caught some of the opening
week NFL games at Bounce in midtown. Time to go home.
Then it was a race over to catch "Spamalot" on Broadway, a
pretty good spin off of the old Monty Python TV show.
The night ended with a visit to
an Asian place called Tao
where the giant Buddha failed
to keep the Paloozian peace.