Month 1
February/March 1999
Thanks for visiting my site.  
Below are classic pics from my
first month.  To see me grow up,
click on the links to the right.
Here I am, Zoe Anh Jacobin, in my first-ever diaper (deftly
assembled by Daddy on my birthday--Valentines Day)!!
And here are the lucky parents with their little valentine disguised
as a tamale.
My (aka "Zipper's") first-ever visitors!!  From left,
Uncle B-Luv, Aunt Bel-Vis, Uncle Milando, Flipper,
Zipper, Smalls, Uncle Wreckage and Aunt T.
I'm finally out of the hospital...and quite
frankly, I was getting a little tired of that
place myself.   But now this car seat also
has me a little upset.  I just can't win.
Lu-Dog in jail (she's just a little too curious
about me and keeps trying to lick my face).
I won't lie to you friend,
my first bath was a drag.
Yippppeeeee!  My first photoshoot with Dad.
These flowers came from Daddy's
friends at the office.  They're really cool.
Sometimes I just like to kick back and wonder
about stuff.  Like where my next meal's coming
from...or when I'm gonna get some decent
shut-eye...or whether that freaky pug is hiding
under my crib again--you know, regular stuff.
Well everyone, I'm really beat.  Thanks a bunch for visiting the first month of my corner.  And a special
hello goes out to my web-surfing Great Gramma Crissy, who taught me that you can never have too
much BPS.  I'm going to spend a little quality time back at the crib--but while I'm napping, you can scroll
up to the top of this page and click over to my action-packed 2nd month. Thanks again for hanging out
with me and hopefully I'll see you again real soon.

-Your pal, Zoe