Month 2    
March/April 1999
My second month started out with a lot of
visitors.  Here are my two Grandmothers
fawning over me.  It's good to be the Queen.
And this little character is my crazy cousin
Tasha from Denver.  She really helped out
around the house while she was here (saving
me from quite a bit of hassle).  Here's a shot
of her serving me a delicious beverage.
Speaking of visitors, that darn
Pug is certainly one that I'd
consider "unwanted".  Every
time Mom & Dad leave me alone
with that furry gremlin, she gets
this crazy look in her eyes.
See, check this out--one minute alone, and
she's kicking it in my bouncie chair.  This is
totally ridiculous...Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!
Here I am, Young & Rubicam's youngest
Account Coordinator.  It only took me about
10 minutes to earn my keep.  This photo here
was taken while I was looking over the P&L
on Dad's account--he's obviously got a lot of
work to do. A few tips here and there and I
should be able to straighten things out.
Well after a hard day bringing home the
bacon, Dad and I decided to call it a day. So
I'm going to have to wrap up here, as well.  
Thanks for looking in on my exciting second
month--things are going pretty well, so far.  
Next month, Mom starts working part-time
from home, so I'm sure I'll have lots of
wackiness to report.  See you in a few weeks!
- zoe
OK, this is much better.  But I have to admit,
there is kind of a strange Pug-like smell around
here.  That darn Lu-Dog.  Whoops...oh wait a
minute...I'm sorry, I guess it's me.