Month 3
April/May 1999
A rebuttal from The Lu-Dog
Look people, I'm not da conivin' pug dat you dink I am.  Afta
lookin' at my behaviors in da previous two pages, you'd hafta
dink I was pretty jealous a dat Zoe.  But hey, I actually kinda
like da little rat.  She lays on da floor and grabs my ears and
stuff--which a pug like me really digs.   Know wad I'm sayin'?  
And she drools a lot, which I can most definitely relate to.  
But to say I'm jealous is juss ridiculous--I have all da bones a
pug could ever want, plus I have run a da house.  Know wad
I'm sayin'?  And about that bouncie seat fiasco, it's just like I
told Craig & Anhdai--I was like totally framed.  I never
touched da thing--all that baby hair gives me da willies.  My
image was digitally manipulated onto dat seat.  I remember
dat pose pacifically and I was out in da yard chasing my tail
at da time.  So overall, just cut me a little slack.  I'm a good
pug, know wad I'm sayin'?
OK, let's get back
to my page.  I
guess I'm willing to
give Lu-Dog a
shot.  But I'm not
buying this bouncie
seat excuse.  
Framed?  C'mon--I
can't talk yet, but I
saw it myself. She
was taking a nap in
the darn thing.  
Anyway, here we
are kissing and
making up.
Here's me with Dad out on the back porch.  
He loves to carry me around and make
goofy faces at me--which is
just fine with me.  
We have a pretty good time together.
Great, photoshoot time again and the
wardrobe folks are nowhere to be
found. "C'mon people, I haven't got all
day!"  Personally, I'm hoping we go
with something in a Winnie The Pooh
motif.  I like yellow a lot but I'm flexible,
as I'm demonstrating in this photo with
one of my Rockettes-style leg kicks.
So what do you want Dad?  
Peekaboo?  No problem.
Coy mug shot?  Got it.
Overhead to demonstrate my pudgy cheeks?  Snap it, pal.
Here I am back outside,
enjoying the sunshine with
Mom.  I like it when we head
outdoors for some fresh air.  
Plus I can always use a little
color-- although my diaper lines
have been a little embarrassing.
Well, I'm getting a little sleepy again.   I think
I'm going to take a nap and get ready for my
exciting 4th month.  I start school on
Monday, so that should be interesting.  I'm
looking forward to meeting a few kids my
own age.  I'll try to get a few of them on my
website next month.  Anyway, have a Happy
Mother's Day.  Come back again soon.
- Zoe