Month 4
May/June 1999
Yipee!!  My long-awaited 4th Month Page is finally here.  And let
me tell you folks, it's a doozy.  I'm not sure what's up with Pops
but he's been taking shots of me on what seems like an hourly
basis.  Lot's of cool stuff happened last month--I started school,
had a nasty run-in with some punk nurse with a needle and
even started getting into some of my toys.  I also managed to
convince that stinky pug to take up sunbathing and leave me
alone.  Overall, I'm having a blast.  Well, enjoy the photos!!
Well let's kick things off with a few
shots of me doing my favorite
activity--chowing down.  I seem to do a
better job with Mom than Dad for some
reason.  The dude just cracks me up.
Here I am checking out the official food of
Mommy's homeland--rice.  And I have two
words for you:  YUK-KIE.  What the heck I am
supposed to do with my tongue on this deal?  
Well, I know Mom & Dad like this food stuff, so
maybe I'll get the hang of it next month.  I
wonder if there's a pizza-flavored Gerbers.
We interrupt all this hilarity for a quick look at my daily grind at school.
Here I am at the University
Montessori.  To the left, I appear to
be debating the finer points of Chaos
Theory with one of my teachers, Miss
Aurelia.  To the right, I'm pretty sure
that was when I took my first stab at
using Latin in complete sentences.  
And if I'm recalling that day correctly,
I believe I pooped my pants right
after those shots were taken.  Hey,
I'm smart but I'm still a baby!!
I call this section "Good
Times & Bad".  To the
left is a shot of Dad & I
kicking it in the back
yard.  That's me behind
the shades.  On the right
is a pic of me at the
doctor's office--just
moments before they
had to give me three
different shots.  Trust
me, I was not amused.
I really dig my toys--they make me feel groovy, baby.  Playing
with them helps me keep up my mojo.  Yeah baby, yeah!
OK, it's time to get down to business--that's right--photoshoot time!!!!
CUT!!!!   OK Dad, I'm getting a little
tired.  Let's get a few shots of Mom
holding me, for crying out loud (I can
do that you know, so don't push me).
Peace, my fine brothers.
Well, thanks for stopping by again.  It
was great seeing you.  Come back again
next month--my Grandpa is coming for a
visit and the annual Sloshball game is
happening near the 4th of July.  There's
a rumor that I'm going to be the mascot.  
Have a nice month!  - zoe