Month 18
July/August 2000
Hi everyone!  Well, it's the dog days of
summer and I'm really getting tired of the
California heat.  Luckily, Mom & Dad like
to cool off at the mall, just like I do.  Here
we are just outside of the toy store.  My sad
face is another one of my feeble attempts to
induce pity from the folks, thus leading to
an immediate toy purchase.  Wish me luck.
Well hello Barney!!!!  
Worked like a charm.
One of my favorite new toys
is this mini etch-a-sketch.  
It's small like me.
One night, we all
went on a picnic in
our neighborhood.  
This is the park where
Dad and the boys
play hoops and "save
it for the court".  
And this is the day
that I shocked Dad
by deciding that I
actually like hard
boiled eggs.
After yet another trip to the mall, Mom
bought me my first toy car.  I love it.
We cruised all
around the patio
outside our favorite
But I can't seem to stay on the
car too long before I have the
urge to run to Daddy for some
hugs.  Sometimes I get so
excited that I actually pop out
of my clothes!!  Well, be sure to
come back next month because
Dad has a new camera.  Plus,
my Grandma is coming to visit
from Colorado!  See you soon.