Month 19
August/September 2000
This past month was almost as action-packed as the holidays.  So we're going to keep
the clever captions short and load you up with a boatload of great pics.  Enjoy!!
My 19th month started with a bang when Grandma
Diane and Big Al came by for another visit...
Stuck at the airport until
11pm?!?  Thanks United!
I really dig Grandma & Big Al.
Hey, we're going to Sea World? Give me five, Big Al.
Oh, so that's
a walrus.
Remind me
not to spend
too much
time scuba
diving in the
Arctic Ocean.
I loved eating corn tortillas in
San Diego's "Old Town" district.
Even after Grandma & Big Al took off, there was still plenty of action to go around...
Hangin' with my pal, Chanel.
Catching "Friends" with
Mom & Elmo.
Packing my cheeks
with eggs and sausage.
Delivering a power
hug to Mom.
"Hey, let me run that
database query, Mom!!"
Look, I'm a big
scary monster with a
a bulbous rib cage.
One weekend, we got to attend my school pal, Hannah's birthday...
It was a great
party with
loads of
Barney stuff!  
That's me, the
small rat in the
They even had a cool
jumping palace.  Mom
and I had a total blast!!
Then we spent Labor Day weekend in San Francisco--my first real vacation...
The plane ride up was just lovely.  Here
I am testing out the airbag on Mommie.
Our first stop
was in Napa for
some wine
tasting.  Here I
am with Daddy
discussing the
pros and cons
of an early
This is one of
Dad's all-time
favorite pics of
me outside of
the St.
And here I am stealing one of
the Winery's pretty flowers.
Our hotel in
Napa had a
great heated
pool for me
and Daddy.
Cool swim diapers.
Nothing beats a
good sourdough.
Except a great bowl of pasta!!!
Luckily, the St. Francis'
room service had both!!
We got to do lots of shopping
around in San Francisco. Here I
am checking out an over-grown
teletubbie at FAO Schwarz.
I made a real mess of
things in front of Tiger
in NikeTown.
In Union Square, I ate almost
half a hot dog but let the pigeons
fight over the rest.
Here I am having
a wacky time with
Dad in the tub!
Hey, now that's SILLY!!!
Mom in Chinatown
picking out a nice
outfit for me for
Chinese New Year.  
What, you've never seen
a Buddha pillow before?
We spent our last day
catching the Giants
play the Cubs.  
That's Sammy Sosa
in right field (he
threw me a ball that
day). Well, come
back soon.  I'm not
getting any younger,
you know.