Month 12!!
January/February 2000
Welcome to my exciting final month of my very first year on this snazzy little planet.  Actually, the
last couple of months have been full of action, so this page actually takes you from Jan 1 right up to
my 1st Birthday on Valentine's Day (Don't worry, there's a whole page for that).  Well, dig in...
Let's kick things off with a delightful
glimpse into my outrageous millennium
bash. We went to Catalina Island with
some friends and had a great time.  We
even had these special "2000" baby
bottles to drink from.
Here I am at the
Newport Pier
waiting to get on
the boat to
Catalina.  Is it
that obvious that I
was woken up just
a bit too early?  
Yeah, I thought so.
Here are our friends Chuck &
Chanel, who joined us for the
festivities.  And below are
Jennifer and Chris (along with
Chuck posing as a disturbed street
urchin in the background).
Here's Chuck teaching me
how to play catch with a
tangerine.  Isn't he silly?!?...
...And I think this is the part
where Chuck finally realized
that I wanted to play like this
for the whole weekend.
When the big day finally came,
I was really ready to celebrate.  
Watching the fireworks on the
Eiffel Tower got me pumped.
Here I am all dressed
up for the festivities.
With just an hour to go, I was
really ready for the big
moment and all the fireworks.
And when the clock struck midnight, I marked the new
millennium by celebrating in my own special way. OK,
OK, I was asleep.  Man, this is embarrassing
I needed the rest of the month just to catch up on my sleep.  I also learned
how to do lots of new tricks. Check this stuff out--I really crack myself up.
Here I am climbing the stairs!
And here I am trying to mutilate some more of Daddy's stuff.
Here I am doing some
power walking.
And here I am busting
into Dad's camera case.
Nice rug, huh?
Hey, looks like I
have some mail.
What do you call these, Mom?  
Ziplocks bags?  I love 'em!!
I always like to give the
Pug something to live for.
And when nobody's looking, I
like to play with her food.
Shoot!! Did you see that, Dad?  
Uhhh...think fast...uhhh...TAI CHI!!!
Well, that's it for Month
12, which means it's time
for my birthday!!