Zoe's First Birthday!!
The Birthday Party...
The day before my birthday, Mom & Dad threw me a little
birthday bash.  Lots of people came over to help me celebrate.
Thanks to all of you who stopped by:
Grandma Kwee, Grandma Diane & Big Al, Aunt Anhthy & Mark, Aunt Cammy,
Aunt Anh & My Cousin Amanda, Wreck & T, The McVu's, Chuck O'Connor &
Chanel, Rockin' & TMac, Spaz & some Pats fan, Milando & Tricia, Flavor D
and my little pals, Hayley and Vinny.
All dressed up and ready to
celebrate!  Do you recognize my
necklace, Great Gramma Crissy?
Three generations
of pure trouble.
Grandma Kwee saved the
day by fixing the daisies.
My cake looked
awesome next to
my first dozen
flowers from Dad
(that little cake
was all for me!!)
For me, the highlight of
the party was the moment
I discovered balloons.
I guess I'll have to wait to discover
these until my 21st birthday.
Here I am with
Uncle Wreck and
Aunt Tricia doing
some drawing (that's
me in the middle).
What a
blast.  I
can't wait
until next
Valentine's Day 2000...
The next day I celebrated with my 1st visit to Disneyland
(after a stop at the Science Center).  It was a GREAT day.
After a failed attempt to go to Disneyland in the
rain, we took a detour to the Science Center. Here I
am with a giant eyeball and Big Al on a bed of nails.
Fortunately, the
rain cleared and
soon we move on
to the happiest
place on earth!
There were lots of
weird people there!!
"Aye Captain,  
I do need a diaper change!"
A vote for
ZoBo is a vote
for someone
who doesn't
even have
Well, it's been a while since Dad and I had a photoshoot.  
Here I am playing with all those balloons, after the party.
Thanks for stopping
by.  I hope you enjoyed
my birthday picks. See
you again soon. -zoe