Month 96
January/February 07
Looking way cool at the High School Musical concert at Staples.
The show had all the stars but Zac who was making Hairspray.
A trip to the illustrious Pancake House and my first decaf.
Racing like wild Italians against Mom and Bigs at Boomers.
We also like hitting putt-putt at Boomers.
Ava is turning into more of little girl these days--she likes me.
Hanging out with Ava at the Kahr Super Bowl party.
The Colts beat the Bears (as if I care--Dad must have typed this).
Later that week, on my actual birthday, we had ice cream cake.
We played lots of cool games and watched a movie.
My birthday party was a massive sleepover.  Bigs was thrilled.
And of course, the old man hooked me up with some flowers!!