Month 91
August/September 06
Here I am with Dad at the Angels game.  Right there in
the back--I'm in pink and he's in red.  Can't see us?
Here's a close-up.  We just happened to be standing
near the new pavilion that the Angels opened that day.
Dad let's me play with the binoculars now.  Hey Daddy, I
can see your tonsils inside of these crazy things.
Gary & Nick met us for the game.  Nick isn't much for
watching the game, so we spent a lot of time at ring-toss.
Camryn had a puppy party this year and I was actually
brave enough to step inside.  I really liked this puff-ball.
Syd slept over one night and we spent the entire night
inside "Camp Zobo" and didn't even get scared.
The day before school started, we got to see who's class
we're in.  I'm in a class with my old pals Valeria & Serena.
My teacher is going to be Miss French.  She's one of the
younger teachers, so I'm hoping she'll give me fashion tips.
Here's my actual first day of class--when all the kids show
up and there's lots and lots of chaos.  I'm really excited.
That's Eriko and Melody--two of my best friends from first
grade.  They're not in my class this year but we're still pals.
Well, it's been a great summer but
it's time to get crack-a-lackin' on
my school work.  I've been reading
really hard during the break, so I'm
anxious to see if I've improved
since first grade.  Have a great fall,