Month 90
July/August 06
Mom & Bigs went to Montreal for a family reunion, so Dad
and I went to a concert.  We started at "The Plantation."
The concert was a Disney Channel birthday celebration.  
My favorite star opened the show--Hannah Montana!!
One thing we do every year or so is go down to the CU
event at Del Mar.  That's me picking raffle winners!
After we finished picking winners, the guy from the CU
Alumni group wanted to take our picture for the website.
In early August, Bigs celebrated his fourth birthday at the
pool where we take swimming lessons.  We had a blast.
I also got to join the little guy for the birthday party that
he had at his school.  He's pretty popular with the ladies.
After that, the Cheetah Girls came out and sang three of
their best songs--we had a great time dancing around.
After a couple of other groups performed, Jesse
McCartney came out and made all the girls scream.
Another tradition that has sprung up the past few years is
the OC Fair.  Here I am with Bigs waiting for our friends.
The first order of business was to get situated and mow
down dome serious corn dog action with my pal, Sydney.
Syd and I shared a bumper car.  We chased little Bigsy all
over the place trying to get a good shot on him.
Here we are strapped to some sort of crazy machine that
spun us around and made us wish we hadn't had corn dogs.
Here I am at Kaitlin's birthday party, simply continuing
my long-standing tradition of always getting the first cake.
So long from the Pancake
House, home of my
favorite--chocolate chip
pancakes.  See ya next
month.  -Zoe
I love riding the little ponies at Del Mar--they'll race one day.
A nice little shot of the horse race gang with face painting.
Bigs and I looking quite dashing after a birthday party.