Month 85
Feb/Mar 06
This year's birthday flowers from Dad arrived when I got
home from school. Dad always has to hide the Valentine
flowers he gets for Mom because I get a little bit jealous.
I'm collecting all sorts of recognition at school. This month, I
earned Aviator of the Month in my grade.  Miss Hitchcock had
some really nice things to say about me when I came on stage.
Another birthday party...another front
row seat at the cake lighting ceremony.  
That's the birthday boy Cade--dressed as
a ninja turtle of some sort.  Boys.
A visit to our neighborhood park with Bigs and Quinlan.  
That's Bigsy's evil/determined look...quite scary indeed.  And
let's all hope that "Crash" doesn't chip a tooth back there.
Here's a nice shot of Mom with her hair gently flowing in the
breeze.  She really likes it when we all hit the park together
as a family--especially when her sister Anhthy joins us.
Soooo you think you can beat me in hide 'n seek, huh?
Well, we're still kids.  Might as well
make a big mess while we can still get
away with it.  Jump Bigsy, jump!!
This is why we live here.  It's the middle of February and
we're at the park in 70 degree weather wondering what it's
like to shovel snow.  Life is good out here in the OC.
It's only fair that in the context of month after month of
upbeat pics, that we occasionally keep this little website real.  
That's me pouting in the corner of the park.  Nuff said.
OK, back to the fun stuff.  That's me as Paul Revere in my
school's President's Day sing-along and play.  I rode a wooden
horse and yelled "The British Are Coming" to the crowd.
I got to be one of only a few kids with costumes at the
performance.  That's my buddy Jamison next to me and my
other friend, Jason.  I'm really quite the ham at these shows.
After the show, I got to catch up with my pal Melody, while
we loaded up on cookies and juice.  This was during Melody's
brief but spectacular "snaggle tooth" era. I miss those days.
OK, is it just me or were those revolutionary war cats wearing
hats that were nothing more than curled up sombreros?  Did
Paul Revere stop along his route to eat some chips & salsa?

Hey, thanks for stopping by.
Come back again soon.