Month 84
Jan/Feb 06
After months of
anticipation, I finally was
lucky enough to be named
the student of the day at
school.  Here I am raising
the flag to start the day in
front of the entire student
assembly.  It was great
being star for the day.
Once I invited all the girls in my class up to join me, it was
time to get started.  Here is our principal reading off the
certificate that described what a joy I am to have in class.
Then I got to lead the class in the pledge of allegiance while
Miss Fine got a good laugh when I actually said "one nation,
under dog".  Dad thought it was one of my all-time classics.
Here they all are--that's Melody, Serena and Alexis in front,
Jamison (climbing), April, Valeria, Emily and Ariana in the
back.  There were only a couple of girls missing that day.
After we did the pledge, I got to lead the school in a rousing
rendition of "God Bless America".  Miss Fine kept the mic on
me for quite a while--I was really tearing it up for the fans.
To celebrate my winning student of the day, we went bowling
that weekend.  Bigs and I just love eating junk food and
bowling a few frames.  Hey Mom, where's our junk food?!?
Once the assembly is over each day, we all follow Miss
Hitchcock into the classroom.  For some reason, she didn't
have her customary massive cup of coffee that day.
Cutie wanted me to say hi for her.  Here she is in the little
pen we set up for her every couple of nights.  It usually only
takes her about 10 minutes before she tries hard to escape.
Here I am being a good mother to Cutie.  I never thought that
my first daughter would be a member of the rodent family but
I love her nonetheless.  I just wish she didn't smell funny.
It all started off when I arrived early for the school
assembly.  Here I am getting warmed up with a little friendly
patty-cake with Emily, while my good friend April looks on.
All the girls in my class are really cool--I actually like them
all.  We get along really well and like to play all sorts of
different games at recess.  Maybe we're all just more mature.
Time for my birthday party--this year at Scooter's Jungle.
Here are all my friends getting ready to go inside and go wild.
It wouldn't be a birthday party without my best pal, Sydney.
I had a good mix of new friends and old, like my friend Sarah.
Melody and Alexis run around while I catch up with Sarah.
Here are all my friends lined up in a row.  We had a blast.
And here I am greeting my classmate and neighbor, Alexis.
This is my friend Sophie and her sister.
Serena is another girl in my class--she's tiny like me.
Bigsy tries to climb into the one-seater with Camryn.
Here I am with Jamison running out of one of the bouncies.
Hayley has been my friend since I was about 3 months old.
To give us something new to do, they let us run up the slide.
Alexis and Melody are two of my best friends in school.
Here I am wearing some funky goggles with my pal, Josie.
Just the way I like it, wearing a crown and about to eat cake.
Nothing like having a diva moment with all my good friends.
Josie and I bid you farewell until next month.  See ya.  -Zoe