Month 79
August/September 05
Month 79 began with a sleepover with my good pal,
Jojo.  She came over on a Friday and we had a pizza
pool party.  Here I am giving her a bear hug in the pool.
The next morning (after dad finally got us to sleep at
about 2am), we got to re-fuel at The Pancake House.  
Harrison and his family met us there that day too.
One morning, we were all out of school, so Syd's mom
took us to Mimi's for breakfast.  I had my usual--pancakes.  
I think that Syd, Harry and I will be friends for a long time.
Shelly bought us the same shirts, so that we could
match.  We are both nervous about going to our new
schools but we're also excited to be big 1st graders!!
Here I am hanging out pretending to be Spiderman. This
is the park that Dad uses to run every morning after he
drops me off.  I can see the fool sweating from here.
To close out summer, we had a luau at the
park near school.  I dressed in Hawaiian
leis and did the hula dance.
That's me and Katie enjoying the native foods of the
islands.  I had no idea that Pizza Hut and Doritos were
both invented in Hawaii--what a great state.
We had a great time at our luau that day.
It's the first day of school and here I am
walking toward the playground area where
we all meet for our morning assembly.
I could hardly believe how many kids were lining up for
assembly.  But it sure was nice to see some of YMCA
friends there too--some were even in my new class.
The whole family came to wish me well
on my first day of school.  Bigsy can't wait
come here and be an Aviator too.
Hey, there's a friendly face from my old
school.  It's my good bud Harrison, who
lives down the street from the school.
I brought a little bit of everything to my
outfit that day--my t-shirt from Shelly, my
Hilary Duff skirt and my con hi's.
We do the pledge of allegiance and recite our school
motto every day--we learn, we grow, we soar.  That's my
new friend April, in front of me in line.
Jojo and I say, "Ciao now,
Ciao Ciao" from the pool.  
See you again next month.