Month 78
July/August 05
Hey, here's something you've never
seen--me with a gigantic Angels cap
on.  Here I am at the game (Bigs,
Mom and Dad were there too that
day).  The Angels are doing pretty
well again this year.  I just wish my
favorite player, Darin Erstad could
get some more RBI's out the 2 slot
(that's right, I have no idea what any
of that means).  Anyhoo, go Halos!!
With my final days at UMS fast approaching, I
attended one last field trip--this one was to the
OC Fair.  Here I am with my friend, Sarah.
Dad cracks up when we do "rock star poses"
for the camera.  Sarah has quite the fancy
moves, including this devil-may-care look.
Nothing says "county fair" quite like the
howling good times that can be had by putting
your head in one of those cool cut out figures.
Sarah and I were sure to get our face painting
done as soon as we arrived.  Sarah went for a
unicorn and I opted for a beautiful butterfly.
Back to the pool!!  Here I am hanging out with our
"noodles"--big foam thingies that are perfect for beating your
little broth...uh, I mean, keeping your head above water.
And here I am on another day with little Bigsy at the Wild
Rivers water park.  We had a blast that day and Bigs even
learned to go down the slide right behind us.  He's a good boy.
OK, this is it--my second to last day at Montessori.  That's
Miss Jennifer (my summer teacher) talking to the class about
me and Erika, who was also finishing up her time at the school.
After everyone had a chance to say nice things about me, I
went around the room and gave everyone hugs.  That's Griffin
in the gray shirt--we've been classmates for about 6 years.
After the serious stuff, it was time to do rock star moves
under the gazebo.  From left to right, that's Sarah, me, Celine
and Catherine.  We really know how to work the magic.
Yo doggy dogg (Zoe's latest greeting of choice)!!  Hey, I think
Sarah switched over to cheerleader moves for this shot.  I
guess Harry must have scored a touchdown behind the camera.
My final UMS shot.  Here I
am holding my "thank
you" cards for all the
teachers I have had while
at this nice school.  Thanks
to all the great UMS people
who have helped me grow
up over the years.
August always gets off to a roaring good start with the arrival
of Bigsy's birthday.  And you know what that means, MORE
CAKE!!  Here I am digging into a chocolate/chocolate combo.
In keeping with third birthday tradition, we went to Adventure
City, where we giggled hysterically on the Runaway Bus ride.  
That's me and Bigsy laughing like jackals in the front row.
The first person to greet me was Katie, the little girl with the
long dark hair.  And since then, she's been one of my best
friends at school, even though she's a big second grader.
Here's the obligatory "first day" shot.  I got a
jump start on after-school care by spending a
few weeks at the Y at my new grade school.
I had a great time getting wet and chasing my
friends around...oh, and the cake was good too.
One weekend this month, we got to celebrate Isabella's
birthday at Aliso Creek Beach.  Here we are having a big old
water balloon fight.  That's me in the pink and white swimsuit.
Sarah and I bid you farewell
from the OC Fair.  Enjoy the
rest of your summer and we'll
see you next month.
                   Zobo's Quote of the Month
The moment that Zoe started her new school, she seemed to pick up an
assortment of new rap sayings that have been cracking us up for weeks now.  
Here's a sampling, complete with translations.
- Yo yo, diggy dogg dogg!  Translation: Hi there.
- You wanna piece a me or do you want the whole thing?  Translation: Hello.
- Lolly, lolly, lolly, POP!  Translation: Hi, I'm Zoe.