Month 66
July/August 2004
My buddy "Big Boy" turned two
this month.  We had a great time
celebrating his birthday--first at
Jumpin' Jammin and then at our
first-ever Circus.

Then we got to go visit my Great
Gramma Crissy--what a great

Enjoy the pics.
Here we are at Jumpin' Jammin (just after we finished
jumpin' & jammin').  Mom came up with this "Big Boy"
theme and the cupcakes looked like mini burgers.
And here we are The Pond, getting ready for some
high-quality circus entertainment, courtesy of the
Ringling Brothers.  We loved it!!
Then we went to see Great Gramma Crissy.  Dad
had a meeting at the start of our trip, so we got to
see Pittsburgh for a few days.  I didn't feel so hot .
On our last night in Pittsburgh, Dad
took all of us to a game at PNC Park.  
Here we are on Clemente Bridge.
Bigs was overcome with excitement
and decided to nap.  That's me
hamming it up for the camera.
PNC was a really cool--it's right on the edge of one
of Pittsburgh's "three rivers", so it's close to the  
skyline.  That's the bridge in the background.
After a couple of days in Pittsburgh, we were
finally able to head south to see  our Great
Gramma Crissy.  Here we are chit-chatting with
Aunt Red--she lives down the street.
My Great Gramma likes to play music
and dance around the kitchen.  Here I
am with Bigs working some magic.
There were some good tunes coming out
of that boom box.  I must have gotten my
dancing genes from my Great Gramma.
Bigs is finally picking up my mastery of goofy faces.  
Here we are working Dad with puppy faces.
"Dad--see my sad eyes?  And look at Bigs-- he can't
speak or hear any evil.  Can we have candy?"
"Wait a minute, Daddy...where are you going...I don't
have any candy yet...didn't you see my puppy face?"
Look how cute we are hanging out in Great
Gramma's living room. Bigs is handsome, isn't he?
That's it for the trip--back home to our mini yard and
mini pool.  But that's OK, Bigs and I still manage to
have a good time.  Look at the excitement on my face.
Here we are enjoying our luxurious pool and the
warm  California sun.  But we have to stay close
to the pool--there have been lots of bees lately.
Wow, that was a pretty
cool month.  Here's one
last shot of our trip back
east, and look, even Dad
made an appearance.  
As always, thanks for
stopping by.  Until next
                 Zobo's Quote of the Month
Now that Ryan is getting to be quite the talker, he likes to mimic his sister.  And being more
than the willing tutor, Zoe has begun to teach him some pick up lines to use on the
neighborhood gals, in particular Ryan's little neighborhood girlfriend, Bobbi.  Here's a
sampling:  "I looooooooooove that girl"..."What's shaking, sister?"...."Hi there, hot stuff"...and
my all time favorite..."Masterpiece, baby".  Aah, kids these days.
Bigs and I had a great time playing in Gramma's
back yard (which is enormous by our California
standards).  Here we are peaking through one of the
windows on her porch.
Here are my Great Aunt Ginny and Crissy having a
chat over at Ginny's house. They're funny together.
Even though she's getting near 90, my
great gramma still gets around well.