Month 60
Jan/Feb 2004
We roll straight from the holidays into the
birthday season.  And this year I'll be 5!!
Before we start the birthday coverage, here are a
couple of recent ballet shots--I'm getting very good.  
One day Bigs even came to watch me work my magic.
My birthday at school was fun.  Here I
am sharing my special chocolate
birthday muffins with my friends.  
This is Malia, one of my little friends at school.  
She's not quite 3 yet but she's cool.  Daddy thinks
she's cute because she looks like a "Little Zoe".
Here I am with some of my big pals,
Taylor and Erica.  We like to pretend
that we're princesses at recess.
Here I am with Syd at Harrison's 5th birthday.  That's
my  buddy Mathew behind me.  Syd's mommy took me
to the party because Dad had to watch Bigs.
Harrison's Dad dressed as Batman but we figured
out who it was pretty quickly. Hey, I just noticed
that Syd and I were the only girls invited.  We rock!
After the party, I went to Syd's house to play dress
up.  I just love the long gloves--they're just like
the ones Belle had on when she danced at the ball.
Syd and I like to take pictures together because we
have perfected the art of the cheesy smile.  We
probably have 50 shot together just like this one.
For my 5th birthday, we returned to D&B for my
party.  This time, we had our own room to celebrate
in before we went out to play video games.
Birthday time.  OK, not the best picture...and no, I'm
not bleeding, the marks are from the flowers.  But
these are the nice flowers I got from Dad this year.
Once they cut up the cake, it was time to get down
to business.  I live for chocolate cake--especially
the icing.  My cake was really delicious this year.
Here's Hayley working on her art project after
lunch.  It looks like she put together a lovely
dolphin motif.  I'm sure her parents are so proud.  
Some of us finished our art projects early, and
started getting restless.  Here we are using the
handrails as a jungle gym.  Dad was a scared.
Here I am getting ready to blow out my candles
while everyone sings "Happy Birthday".  This year I
asked for a princess cake with lots of red hearts.
As usually, I headed straight to skeeball to kick
things off.  I'm just now learning how to throw it
hard enough to get over the lip without cheating.
Josie, Grayce and I discovered this rafting game
and we had a blast riding the rapids.  We laughed
and screamed from start to finish on that ride.
We found another fun game that let us race on snow
mobiles--complete with cold wind blowing in our
faces.  I actually beat game junkie Cade for once!
After the party broke up, Hayley and I asked dad
and Al to take us up on the ferris wheel for one
more ride.  Hayley and I have such a great time.
Hayley's kind of quiet and I'm kind of loud.  But we
both like to laugh, so we make a good pair.  Well,
thanks for visiting again.  I'll see you soon.  -Zoe
              Zobo's Quote of the Month
Zoe and Ryan have their moments--but for the most part, they're
really great friends.  They both love to play hide 'n seek and draw
together.  One day, Zoe explained to me just how close she's
become with her little brother.  "You know, I always wanted to have a
little sister but I love my little Bigsy.  I think I should marry him and
then you and mommy can be the babies".   Honey, when we become
hillbillies, I'll be sure to let you know.
That's Cole next to me and Griffin
one down--they're both great
friends.  And that's Miss Sarah.