Month 54
July/August 2003
Well, summer is humming along.  But football is right around the corner,
so dad has gone into fantasy football research mode (hence limited pics).
I now live for arts and crafts of any kind.  Here I am
doing some serious Picasso-esque work with finger paints.
I've even turned Ryan on to my shower markers.  We
draw all over the place and then just wash it all away.
This month was Ryan's birthday, so that meant a visit to
my favorite home away from home--Disneyland.
We spent half the day at California Adventure and half at
Disneyland.  Here I am wrestling with mom at Cal-Ad.
My favorite thing to do at Disneyland is to watch all the
beautiful princesses cruise by in the Main St. Parade.
I wave and scream their names, just hoping that one of
them will spot me.  I only blow kisses to Snow White.
Getting their attention is critical, so the key is to wave
your arms really hard back and forth.
I even talked mom into helping me get them to look
over at me.  At this point, I have no idea where dad is.
"Wait Snow White, don't go, why don't you come over to
our house and watch my dad work on fantasy football!!"
But alas, they always have to head back into some sort of
castle.  "So long, Snow White, until we meet again."
And that's me, refusing to touch my green beans or fish.
I usually stick to the basics--mac 'n cheese and milk.
Hey, that's two months in a row that we got to have Syd
over.  Here she is enjoying some delicious mac 'n cheese.
And my final shot for this
month is a tribute to my little
buddy, Big Boy.   Now that
he's getting a little older, we
have a pretty good time
together.  He even eats my
vegetables.  Here's to you,
little bro!!  See ya next month.
              Zobo's Quote of the Month
Most mornings, Zoe likes to sing in the car on the way to school.  One
day, she was making this high pitched "aaaaahhhhaaaahhhhhh" type
sound for what seemed like 20 minutes.  Finally, I asked her what she was
singing.  "I'm just doing mermaid stuff, daddy".  And like those of you
who've seen "Little Mermaid" about 83 times like we have, you know
exactly what she's talking about.