Month 42
July/August 2002
Yes, the rumors are true. All "H.E.double hockey
sticks" has broken loose in my simple Zobo-esque
little world.  On the evening of August 1st, I earned
the title "Big Sister" when my little brother Ryan
arrived.  I'm still trying to get used to the new
situation but I really like "my baby".  He looks a lot
like me, so I'm sure he'll be pretty cute.  Anyway,
before we launch into all that, let me first savor the
final weeks of my life as a the family princess.
I've been taking gymnastics class in school, so
I'm into all sorts of jumping, flipping, spinning,
etc.  Here I am doing a flip at our playground.
Dad and I went with an all-yellow theme, so
that we could blend in with the playground
equipment.  We even had bananas as a snack.
Here I am in Daddy's "Pickle Jar", from which I can never
seem to escape.  I've tried to put him in the pickle jar a couple
of times but it just doesn't seem to work quite the same.
OK, here's my latest repertoire of model poses.  This, of
course, is my "gosh darn I'm so cute" look that I've now
perfected since the early years.
This one would be my "fake belly-laugh" look, which comes in
handy when I'm doing something that I shouldn't.  It seems to
lighten up the atmosphere, thus getting me out of trouble.
Here's a new one.  I call it, "these boots were made for
walking".  I like to use this one when I'm playing dress-up.
This is my classic "sad face", which dates pretty far back on
this website.  An oldie but certainly a goodie.
And finally, this is my "Ryan did something, Mommy" look.  I
plan to use this quite a bit over the coming months.
With ballet class on break until September, I managed to
wiggle my way into the gymnastics class at school.  
Here I am working the balance beam for "Coach".
My favorite part is when Coach has me bounce on the
trampoline and then jump into a hula-hoop ring.  I can
even "stick" my landing, as we say in the biz.
To teach us balance,
we not only have to
walk a balance beam
but also keep a bean
bag from falling off
our heads. Of course,
having my crown on
seems to help.
Here's the great sign they posted at school
to let everyone know that my baby Ryan had
arrived.  I got lots of hugs that week.
Here I am horsing around on Mommy's cool motorized bed at
the hospital.  Unfortunately, I accidentally hit the "code blue"
button and an emergency team came flying into the room.  
Oops, my bad.
Here I am patting the little guy's head (and letting him
know up front who's in charge around here).  He's pretty
friendly but he doesn't talk much.  As long as he stays
out of my make-up table, we'll get along just fine.
Anhthy also came to visit Ryan and we shared a few
toasts in honor of our little addition.  Dad and I blew off
the hospital's crazy idea of "fillet mignon" and went for
the cheese pizza in the cafeteria instead--yummy!
Once Ryan came home, we had a lot of visitors.  And the
Baby Ryan Supper Club kicked off on Monday, when Milo
brought us our first dinner for the week.  He also brought
me some cool Barbie clothes.
One day, Terri, Al and Hayley showed up and I got more
presents--a purse and some other cool things.  Then
Dad & Big Al took us up to the park to run around like
wild savages until the sun went down.
Next up was Sean and the precocious "Mr. Poopers".  You can see
on the left that little Josh has a had a haircut.  On the right, are his
curly locks in full bloom.  I like the curly look myself.
Here I am with Chuck and Chanel, who brought over some tasty ribs from Oscar's.  I
also got another "Blue's Clues" video to add to my collection ("I like you Steve!!").
And here I am with B-Luv and his bag full
of Taco Mesa goodies.  I love bean burritos.
One night, my pals Harrison and Sydney came over for a
little visit.  We want to the park and had a blast.
Well, that's it for this month.  Another chapter in the books but a pretty important one.  Welcome to the
club, Ry--we're gonna make a great team.  -Zoe
                     Zobo's Quote of the Month
One of our friends asked Zoe if she was excited about the arrival of her little brother
and she said "Yes".  Then he asked her what she was planning to teach him.  After
pondering the question for a couple of seconds, Zoe responded "The ropes".
OK, enough with the Zoe-only life--let's move on to some real
action.  That's right, Ryan's here.  The day that mommy went to
the hospital, I got to hang out at Syd's house and have dinner.
Aah, the good old days.  Hanging out with Pops, hitting the playground, making funny faces upon
request.  Seems like only yesterday...
I've been taking gymnastics class in school, so
I'm into all sorts of jumping, flipping, spinning,
etc.  Here I am doing a flip at our playground.