Month 37
February/March 2002
Featuring my fabulous third birthday!!
Hi there.  I'm Zoe and
I'm a "bee girl now".
That's right--1, 2, 3
years old.  So bring
it on, people...I'm
ready for anything.
Here am with Syd waiting to go inside
the park for my third birthday party.
We had my party at a special little
park designed just for rats like me.
We started out in the lunch room with a
pizza feast fit for a princess.
Here's my good friend/school bodyguard,
Harrison digging into another slice.
Between pizza and cake, we screamed
like wild jackals at the passing train.
Here are Papa and Berta enjoying
the pizza and screaming combo.
Finally it was time for my Snow White
cake.  Daddy blew out the candle for me.
Then it was time to fill up on sugar,
which mixes very well with adrenaline.
Then it was off to hit the rides. Harry
loves fire trucks, so that was stop #1.
Daddy did the driving, while Hannah and
I made sure the horns were working OK.
Here's a lovely shot of Papa, watching
me take my 80th lap in the airplane.
Harrison did the flying, while I played
the young trophy wife.  We had a blast!!
Speaking of trophy wives, here's mommy
helping me stay clear of stinky animals.
I prefer my animals to be colorful,
made of plastic and attached to poles.
Here is my pal, Zachy Boy--he's been my
neighbor for almost three years now.
The coolest ride in the park is this
runaway school bus--very scary!!
Hanging with Hannah just moments before
the start of "good-party-kid-meltdown".
Hey, what kind of a ride is this,
I'm doing all the work.  NOT!!
Well, that's it. And no,
daddy didn't forget to give
me flowers again this
year.  Gerber Daisies
again--my favorite.  Well,
get some rest, that was a
long one..  Age 4--here I
As you can see, I'm going through a
"Princess" stage--today, Snow White.
A few weeks after my birthday, I
went to the Aliso Easter egg hunt.
Here I am tossing down some "pink"
after yelling at Gaston.
And here I am dressed as "Belle" to
watch "Beauty & The Beast" on ice.
We decided to make my 37th
month on this planet just
fully action packed, so we
tossed in a little weekend
trip to my new favorite
city, "San Fransicko".  Here
I am at the airport hamming
it up for dad while we wait
in line to check in.
Then pops & I hopped into the very
cold pool to play "Shark Attack".
As soon as we arrived, I
changed into my new suit.
For dinner, we went to a
very important Italian
restaurant in North Beach.
Then we hit Chinatown where I
experienced a taste of my homeland.
"I must warn you, I'm a
highly trained ninja."
"Aah, just kidding.  I'm
really just a goof ball."
We kicked off the next day with my
first-ever cab ride--YIPEE.
We spent the morning at
the Children's Museum.
I even painted a lovely
rendering I called "Corn".
Even though it was only March, the
Giants were in town to play the A's.
Here's my private suite within the
hotel room where I read books.
The next day, we went down to the
wharf to take a bay cruise. "Stop!"
Here's our boat coming in
to pick us up.  What a day!
Daddy took me all around
the outside of the boat, so
that I could see the water
and watch for birds.  The
perpetual search for birds
pretty much rules my life
right now, so I was happy
that dad was understanding.
Here's the Ghirardelli
banana split sundae that
created a monster.
I really liked riding fast
on the back of the cable
cars with dad.
The next day we went to
Golden Gate park.
Where I was a total ham
sandwich (hold the mayo).
Here I am with Dad on some really
strange swing where I had to work.
Mexican dinner in Berkeley.  That
chip in his mouth is my handwork.
Our last morning there was Easter
Sunday--time to find more eggs!
And to close out this
marathon month of
action, we take you to
Syd's exciting 3rd
birthday, which was at a
cool park in Aliso Viejo.
Greeting Syd usually involves a big
hug and a WWW-style takedown.
It looks like I won the opening
battle but Syd had a quick recovery.
Here I am heading up the
steps to some big slides.
And, of course, the
standard cake-face shot.