Month 36
January/February 2002
Let's kick-off the action with another delightful "photo-shoot" with Pops.  The old guy has
come up with this idea that we're going to go on quarterly field trips together.  To launch this
new tradition, we decided to go on a critter hunt.  First we went to the store and stocked up
on butterfly nets and bug houses.  And then we were off to the park, where we deftly
captured two fine young bugs we named "Ernie" and "Bert".  Anyway, we had a blast.
Here I am with the butterfly nets--I used the little
one, while dad manned the big one.
OK, seriously, I am not the cutest darn thing you've
ever seen?  I mean those cheeks are killing me.
"Hey look, Dad--I finally caught a bug."
Here I am pondering my life of leisure.  Pancakes
for breakfast, bugs, sand...what more could I want?
Here I am in action, hot on the trail of Ernie and
Bert. One swift swoop and they were ours.
After our bug hunt was complete, we moved onto
the playground for a little good-natured fun.
It looks like we're going to
move homes in a few months,
so I probably won't be visiting
this park as much.  It's been
good to me.  I've had a lot of
fun racing dad and playing in
the sand here.  Plus, the
electric wires running right
over the center of it, have
given me a safe and secure
feeling that the video player
in my room will be properly
powered at all times.  I'll miss
this park.
After visiting the park, we did some drawing.  Dad put together my
first allowance chart and I did some lovely drawings with a purple
pen.  The names below are exactly how I dictated them to Dad.
"Big Fish, Little Fish"
"Happy Birthday"
"Daddy loves me"
"Playing cards"
"Tarzan in trouble" (my personal fave)
Before I launch into the first half of my birthday coverage,
here are few random shots taken in early February.
This photo is here to document my
perplexing "Disney Princess Phase".  
One day, mom and dad took me to
Disneyland dressed as Snow White.  I
got so much attention that I decided to
try out the stunt at school--surprising
enough, resulting in the same effect.  
Thus began the "Disney Princess
Phase", whereby entire weeks now go
by where I wear nothing but Disney
attire.  I'm now fully equipped with 2
Snow Whites (notice the tattered skirt),
Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, Sleeping
Beauty and Belle. And I've already
started hammering the folks to fire up
the Tinkerbell outfit for this Spring.
Ballet class is still going splendidly, as I seem
to be the most limber of the dancers.
And bath time is now quite the production
with my mandatory color tablets.
I have also become obsessed with "lip
tuff"--especially big jars of vaseline.  Aside
from spreading it on the walls, I decided to
entertain mom and dad by applying an entire
jar-full to my hair.  I looked like a
grease-monkey and had 3-4 baths a day for
about 3 weeks.  Needless to say, the stuff is now
under lock & key.
Birthday time!!!
Things got started at school the day
before my birthday.  Dad was able to
cut out early and attend the festivities
and take some pictures.  I was the
center of attention for a cool little
birthday ceremony.  And I got to
share some lovely birthday cupcakes
with all of my friends.  Plus, I got to
wear the birthday crown!!
Here I am playing the role of the earth
traveling around the sun to demonstrate
each year passing.  I did a really good
job in front of my new classmates.
Here I am with my great new friend, Natalie.  
She's a great big five-year-old!!
And this is Renie and Grace, two more new
friends that like to play with me.
The kids really liked dad's digital camera,
lining up for pictures for over an hour.
Here I am with my good pals Sydney and Else,
as well as Natalie and "Gabriyaya"
On my actual birthday, dad kept our tradition
and took me to Disneyland for the day.
"Killy Kat" really enjoyed the fresh air and
Mickey Mouse Waffles.
Aunt Kristen gave us the inside scoop on
princess readings that happen on the hour.
Belle even gave me a special birthday hug
after she gave me her autograph.
I'm finally starting to get into the rides a bit
more.  Above is my old stand-by, the Jungle
Cruise.  To the right, the Dumbo ride.
Well, that's it for Month
36--but my big birthday
party actually happened a
couple of days later.  So be
sure to come back for the
exciting coverage in Month
37.  Thanks for stopping by.