month thirty
july/august 2001
two and a half, baby.  can you
believe it?  let's celebrate by
rubbing bean and cheese burritos
all over our faces.  hey, looks
like i beat you to the punch,
fella. well, let's keep this
summer gig rolling, i'm having
way too much fun to stop now.
dad and i hadn't done a shoot for a while,so we busted out to the
local playground and snapped a few doozies. i'm so used to dad's
shoots that i now smile on cue--even when he doesn't want me to.
and i love to mess with his camera. sorry dad...your monster.
here i am on the left taking over the run-stroller.  "sit down,
daddy, sit down".  and on the right, dad let me climb up to the
top of the slide by myself but didn't appreciate my little pull-up
experiment before i finally slid down. once again...your monster.
even though i'm still the smallest rat in school, i'm a pretty
smooth customer on the old the jungle gym.  i like to climb on the
bars and see how quickly mom and dad can sprint over--that's when
i let them know that i need some ice cold "milky" or "appa juice".
the park we go to has lots of green grass.  and as much as i like
the slides and swings, my favorite thing is to race the old man.
i still win every time (the fool can't seem to keep his balance).
after a day in the park, it's bath time.  this time, i wanted to
shave my beard, just like daddy. hey, that stuff feels funny.
at the end of july, gramma and big al paid us another visit.  
gramma was determined to win me over, so she brought me a doll
and some books. i wouldn't leave her alone after that (hey, we
all have our price).  On the right i'm hamming it up at breakfast.
here we are building the world's most bizarre sand castle. hey
wait a minute...i'm the sand castle--someone better get me out of
here before the tide rolls in.  Ouch, was that a crab?
before heading home, we got to stop by my favorite shake shack on
pch.  i had a lovely little number with fruit and ice cream and
then watch al feed peanut butter to some overweight chipmunks.
another great month. hey, i'm
exhausted just thinking about
it.  thanks for stopping by and
wherever you are, have a great
rest of your summer.

your pal,
one of my favorite things to do these days is make funny faces.
on the left, i'm practicing my "sad face" with my teacher, amber.
on the right, i'm practicing my cute face in the sand box.
here i am pressing my face against the glass, while daddy waters
the plants outside.  this went on for over half an hour--dad just
couldn't get enough of my special brand of hijinx.
at the left, we're celebrating daddy's birthday where i got to
sing him my favorite song.  and on the right, i'm riding my
4-wheeler with the illustrious "Zachy Boy".
my boyfriend, harrison,
turned three this month and i
got to hang out at his
fireman's party.  he's the
stud on the far right. we got
cool fire hats and got to
ride around the street for a
while.  next to me is my best
friend, sydney.
a few more shots of some good times at the zobo house.  to the
left, i'm snuggling up with my close-knit family: killy kat,
babies and rally monkey.  and on the right, swimfest 2001!!