Month 25
February/March 2001
Things are getting fun around here...
Lucky for me, my birthday continued on for an extra
week, as we went to Denver to visit some family.  Here
I am on the plane enjoying a lovely DVD about Elmo.
While I was on the plane,
Tash and Kailey were
preparing birthday cards
for me!!
When we arrived in Denver, Grandma & Big Al had a nice little birthday party
for me.  I got lots of great presents--but my favorite is "Cak".
I need to know of her whereabouts at all times and I can't sleep without her.
Hey, another birthday visit to Dave & Busters--sounds
good to me.  Even Uncle Dinky showed up.
Here we are
hanging out at the
Breakall's house
watching videos.
One morning, we had breakfast
with Grandma and Big Al.  The
picture with Al was actually taken
with Dad.  But he looked so close
to dead in the final shot, we had
to edit him out and replaced him
with bricks.  But we kept in his
finger as a reminder that he was
once there.  Nice work, Dad.
Here I am at
Sarah Clemens'
2nd birthday
(we were born
just a few hours
Here I am rowing
to shore at the
And here I am
with Roberta and
Stacy where I
learned about the
church, the
steeple and the a
bunch of crazy
Then we left for my exciting first visit to Vail.  Yippeeeeee!
On the drive up, we had to sit in traffic while they cleared an
avalanche that covered the road a few miles in front of us.  
It was a good thing that we had Play-Doh on hand, because
it gave us something to do.  I made a ball, mom made a ball
and Dad decided to give me some good material to discuss
in therapy by dressing up like Bette Midler.
I loved the snow.
And I had a great time
checking out Vail Village.
As always, there
was plenty of hijinx
in the hotel room.
To the left, I'm
displaying the lovely
art I've created all
over my legs.  And
to the right, I'm
adorned with a
delightful potty
training necklace.
Here we are playing around at the little Italian place
we found in Vail.  I really got into my rigatoni!!
Well, I guess that's finally it for
the birthday celebrations.  And
frankly, I could use the rest.  
Thanks for visiting, we'll see you
next month.