Month 24
January/February 2001
Lots of pics as I officially bid the baby years good-bye and welcome the terrible 2's.
Before all the festivities on my birthday, Dad and I went out
to the park for my monthly photoshoot.  This is the park
where Dad & I learned to play "GO!" and where Dad plays
football and hoops with his friends.  A couple blocks up is
Sloshball Field.  It's a big park and I love to run around on it.
On the left, I'm showing you
how bears sleep.  And on the
right, I'm doing my best
"watchu talkin' bout?" face.
One of the stranger "tai chi" expressions ever captured on film.
"C'mon Daddy, let's play GO!"
Daddy and I love to go to the park.  It's one of Daddy's favorite places
and it's right up there for me too (just behind the donut hole store).  
Sometimes Daddy puts me in the jog-stroller and we run over there
together.  And sometimes we drive there and chase balls around the
park.  Sometimes Daddy lets me go on the slide and get real dirty in
the sand pit.  And sometimes I like to watch him shoot the
basketball.  And sometimes we just hang out together and sing songs.
These are a few of my studio shots.  They're proofs, so they're a little grainy.  The photographer did a nice job
but I like Daddy's pics better.  Although I have to admit, he had some good tricks for making me smile.
Enough with the artsy stuff--
let's eat some cake!!
My birthday weekend kicked off with a visit from Papa & Roberta.  And we headed straight for the Crab Cooker.
I was a little
snippy at Plums
the next morning.
But I rallied when
Mom read some
books to me.
That night, it was Papa's 60th birthday dinner (I guess that's
a lot more than 2).  Mom and Dad took them to Bistango.
Originally, we were planning on going to Flo Jo Park in Mission Viejo.  But
since it was supposed to rain (didn't), we moved the festivities inside to
Dave & Busters.  Attendees were Chuck/Chanel, Sean/T, Trish/Milo/Mini
Milo (still in shell), Anh-Thy/Mark, Ian/Aidan/Rory, Bill/Lynn,
Jay/Gaby/Friends, Terri/Al/Hayley, Papa/Roberta, Mom/Dad...oh, and of
course, me.
I had a pretty good time.  Mom thought of a great idea to bring play-doh for
everyone and I discovered how much I love that stuff.  I can't get enough of
it.  I like to make faces of Mom, Dad and Lu-Dog.  And then I like to offer
little tiny bits of the magic clay to whoever wants some.  Whatever goes
unclaimed, I leave in the carpet for future use.  The whole thing is just lovely.
Every once in a while, I took a little break from all the play-doh work and
enjoyed my nice lolli-pop, while watching some of the guests create all
sorts of strange things.  Uncles Sean and Buck Chuck did the finest work.
Uncle Sean's "Wasssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup?!"
Here's my Pooh Cake.  It was really cool looking with lots of streamers
and balloons (Pop!).  The top part of the cake was lemon and the bottom
part was chocolate.  After all the guests were served, I busted into a
small sampling of the chocolate...ok, so maybe it wasn't that small.
"I should be finished with this bite sometime in
March Daddy.  Please save me a piece."
After lunch, I got to open my presents, while dad continued to
balance two cameras and keep the video rolling.  I received some
excellent clothes, some cool toys and a puffy doll house.  I love to
play pretend with my doll house. Sometimes Daddy and I do a
sleepover and we wake up all the dolls and jump on their beds.
After we finished opening presents, Dad taught me how to play skeeball.
He's pretty good but I have a much better backspin.  The key is to yell
"Go!!" at the top of your lungs to make the ball roll faster.  I collected
nearly 2000 tickets to exchange for prizes (well, I got a little help).  I traded
them in for a giant Kermit the Frog, some mini playing cards and some
hacky sacks for my birthday pals. What a great day!!
We closed out the weekend with a trip to the mall and another birthday celebration--this time it was Roberta's!!  We were
supposed to go to California Adventure but it was raining like crazy.  Luckily the Chart House was in doors, so we were
able to have a nice dinner.  And it all worked out perfectly when the waiter brought out some more cake for us to try.
Well, once again, you were a
lovely audience.  Nice work.  
See you next month!!!