Back in Boulder to start
the year. This year, that
means that I'm cooking
for myself. Fortunately
Grandma Cookie & Alex
and Papa & Berta come
up quite a bit to take me
out for good meals.
Dad came out for a winter trip this year when I was missing my family.
Here's the view near my dorm whenever we get snow around here. Chilly.
I added a few custom sayings for inspiration.
While dad was out, he let me drive in the snow. Uh yeah, no.
We also got to head down to Denver to see these two and have some sushi together.
It's always nice when someone comes out to visit to break up my routine a bit.
Red rocks and red roots up on Flagstaff.
The Buffs statue over by the Events Center. Look, he's standing in the snow.
Fall semester is the best time of year to be in Boulder--the weather is amazing. Here's a view of Boulder from the lookout on Flagstaff Mountain.
This was my dark red lipstick era. Hi mom!
For my sophomore year, I move into The Lotus with Helena, Logan and Fiona.
Dad helped me move in this time. Check out my fancy pillows.
But before I headed back for the fall, I needed one last Laguna Beach sunset.
A picture from dad of me calling his phone while he's in his car.
Not a bad view.
Hey, I got into CMCI--very relieved.
I needed some new Vans. We're going purple this year.
Dad and I went to a Buffs basketball game together.
My new sorority pic, taken at the Ritz in Orange County.
Heading up to Flagstaff to throw some snowballs.
The Flatirons always look amazing, no matter the season.
Me and my sorority big sister, Molly.
Well, that's is a wrap. It's been fun
having you along for the ride all these years to
watch Zoe grow up. Come back for a few laughs
whenever you like--I will keep this monster up as
long as I can. Cheers to good memories, good
friends, a loving family and life well-lived. And
cheers to Zoe, thanks for being such a great kid.
I love you!
The sign outside my apartment at night. What a shot!!
Mom and dad are trying to make me jealous from the "hot pool".
Yeah, that room view is not bad at all.
And here I am back up at Flagstaff. Dad came for games and to visit me a lot this year.
This is my full room--it's so nice to have my own room and plenty of space.
Hitting a Logic concert in the summer with Audrey, Ryan and dad.
Back down in Denver to see Cookie, Alex, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Jeff.