Month 169
Feb/Mar 13
But's a limo.  This is going to be a blast.  Let's light this candle, eighth graders!!
Birthday time and Sydney & Koa are already hitting it off.
Here's everyone lining up to hop into cars to go on this birthday adventure.
The disco lights and cranking dance tunes made for a strange Saturday morning.
Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were blowing up with all sorts of crazy stuff.
Our first stop was at Kaleidescope for a little Laser Tag.  Time for a group shot.
Before going inside to shoot lasers at each other, we played a few arcade games.
That Sydney just loves to play jokes that involve her nose.
A mix of old friends and new ones playing a little foosball.
The dude held his
own with all of us
8th graders.  He
can have a good
time anywhere.
After a quick lunch in the park, it was off to Boomers for some go kart action.
Sydney looking like she's definitely not someone to be messed with on the road.
Syd looks into the camera with that knowing look that she rules. I see my eyebrows!!
Dad with the little dude.  Those guys always have a great time together on the track.
Shayla and Koa
screaming at
bystanders as they
drive by.
The entire birthday crew after a long day of action--all fourteen of us.  Good times for sure.
Dad and me back at the Ducks game to watch some hockey between fights.
We had some pretty sweet seats behind the goal.  Hockey is my favorite sport.
My first-ever trip to
Kean Coffee.  Delicious.