Month 138
Jul/Aug 10
This is where we had most of our meals.  I like eating outdoors.
Oh boy, nothing quite like a tween with a bow.
I love Syd because she likes to be wacky like me.  Nice hair, Syd.
I didn't exactly enjoy the rock climbing, but I managed to survive.
Thanks for inviting me to the camp, Syd.  You rock.
Nothing says a summer visit at the OC Fair like a gigantic cow.
Bigs and I still like the mini roller coaster--always good action.
Here I am on a hike near our house in Laguna.
It was a little hot that day but we had a great time checking stuff out.
OMG, I'm a middle schooler, peeps.  Here I am registering for class.
Gym shorts?  Check.  Gym shirts?  Check.  Tween spirit?  Check.
Time for another pick of myself
with the new camera.  See ya next
month, everyone.
Right after coming
home from Maui, it was
off to Camp Scherman
with my bestie, Syd.  
Here we are bidding you
farewell from the bus.
Here's Syd enjoying a cookie from (you guessed) The Girl Scouts.
Camp Scherman is up in the So Cal mountains--we even had a lake.
Dad got me a camera for the trip, so I took lots of pics of myself.