The Sloshball Glossary
Team Social: Whenever a player either hits a home run or hits the 2nd base "umpire" on the fly,
his/her entire team is invited out to 2nd base for a celebratory meeting.

Dispute Chug-Off: This is called whenever there is a play that is determined "too close to call"
by The Sloshball Commissioner.  Only The Commissioner can authorize a Dispute Chug-Off.

The Dillo: Only those who've witnessed its presence can define it.  It's a mystery wrapped inside
an enigma hidden within a quagmire.

Going Full Hickey: Any player who attempts to impress the women of Sloshball by removing his

Going Full Dinky: Hitting into a double play engineered by one of the lovely Slosh babes.
Virtually impossible, but it's been done.

Slosh-hole: This is usually a first-timer who hasn't been properly coached by his sponsor and
proceeds to show up at Sloshball, drink way too much and then think he's playing in some sort
of Softball World Series--disputing calls, screaming at everyone and generally trying to ruin the
day.  You can usually spot this person peeing in the shrubbery by the 5th inning.  If you're
thinking of inviting some who's "on your softball team", you may be unwittingly bringing a
"slosh-hole" to Sloshball.

The Slosh Pit: Originating in 1997, the Slosh Pit is the site of random slam dancing which
follows the singing of "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during the 7th Inning Stretch.

The Slosh Guitar: The guitar used for the singing of the National Anthem and 7th Inning
Stretch.  The original Slosh Guitar was destroyed in the Slosh Pit of 1998.  It was ground into
saw dust and sprinkled upon Coors Light Field during a pre-game ceremony in 1999.  The
current Slosh Guitar made it's debut during the playing of the National Anthem by Mr. Slimi
Hendrix in 1999.

The Lounger Club: Various pockets of non-playing Sloshball spectators who congregate around
the field.  Founded by Theresa Kahr in 1996.

The Slosh Jacket: Official red, white and blue Hall of Fame Jacket which is presented to the Hall
of Fame inductee by the previous winner.  The jacket is then on loan to the winner for the entire

Sloshboni Machine: The driver-controlled grass mower used to keep Coors Light Field in perfect
condition.  Rarely seen in person.

The Jacko: The official championship trophy awarded to the game winning team.