HOF Video
The Hidden Errors
You've watched the 2001 video, now see if you picked up any of the
inconsistencies (hey, even Coppola missed a few details now and then).
1. During the opening credits, "Gaby, Tricia & The Vu-Lord" are introduced as stars in the film, however
they never appeared.  Their scene was cut from the script when the footage maxed out my hard drive.  In
fact, I don't think "The Vu-Lord" ever even knew she was going to be shot.

2. During Scott's bio, he pauses to take some dillo-enhancing drugs.  With the pills in his hand, he turns
to answer Dave's question and suddenly the pills have morphed into a bottle of water, leaving to question
whether the pills ever really existed.

3. Also during Scott's bio, Dave is suddenly wearing an ear piece about halfway through the interview
(used to talk to fellow correspondent, Craig).  Then Craig, appearing live from Sloshball headquarters, is
not only wearing the exact same ear piece while but also standing all of about 3 feet away--thus the ear
piece wasn't really all that necessary in the first place.

4. During Theresa's bio, the shot of her dashing through her high school is actually right through the
center of "24 Hour Fitness" and the "Sloshball Headquarters Studio", which appear earlier.

5. During Milo's bio, Craig refers to Hollywood Milo of "Milo & Otis" as a dog, but as we all know, Milo
was actually a cat.  Otis was the pooch.

6. Also during Milo's bio, the cycling team behind Craig in the day laborer scene suddenly vanishes,
apparently falling into an open pit of death along the 133.

7. During Anhthy's bio, not only does Milo crawl on the grass through one of her lines, you can see all
sorts of equipment and crap sitting behind her at the end of her interview.

8. During Duke's bio, the elephant trampling scene is riddled with inconsistencies (which were actually by
design).  First off, the scene switches from day to dusk to day to night to day to night, so we've concluded
the trampling actually happened during some sort of solar eclipse.  Duke's footage as an LA Dodger in
action shows him not only wearing jeans as part of his uniform, but also a Detroit Tigers cap.  The
peanuts spilled onto the field are actually cashews (I forgot the bags of peanuts for the shoot).  And
finally, not only was Duke beaten with a stuffed pillow case instead of an elephant trunk (as if you
couldn't tell), the sound effects of the enraged elephant are that of a horse and cow.  Lovely special
effects, courtesy of the fine folks at Light & Magic/Lucasfilms.

9. And finally, Duke's finale describing the Scott incident at "Sloshball Field" was shot near UCI in
Irvine and looks oddly similar to the spring training home of the LA Dodgers, circa 1989.

If you noticed even half of these, you should seek clinical help immediately.  And if you find any more,
let me know and I'll post them...and then I'll help you seek immediate clinical help or perhaps a

- The Commish