The Game That Will Live In Infamy
October 7, 2001
On a sun-splashed Sunday afternoon, Sloshball Nation
rose up and struck a blow against terrorism, using the
only biological weapon at it's disposal--beer.  Hitting
the enemy with a relentless barrage of sips, slurps,
chugs, gulps and even a few spills, the Sloshball faithful
let those 12th century sucker-punching cave-dwellers
know that Sloshball and America can't be pushed
around.  And by the end of the day, these fine
Americans had not only drank all their ammo, they had
also joined together to raise a couple thousand dollars
to help out our friends in New York City.

It was a game that will live in infamy...
Historic Sloshball Field is quickly covered in
American flags, as well as flags from Great
Britain, Australian, New Zealand and Canada.
Sloshball For America T-Shirts line the
dugout bench, ready to be sold to generate
funds for the victims of September 11th.
To kick things off, the Sloshball for America
crowd spills onto the sloshfield for the
traditional singing of the National Anthem.
And with the war in Afghanistan only a few
hours old, Suzie McClelland's salute to
America takes on special meaning.
Here, Dan Whatshisname whispers to the
future Mrs. Whatshername, "Stick with me
and you can come to this every year."
From there, it was time to play ball, as "The
Bad-Ass Americans", "The Talibomb Tigers"
and "Swift Justice" battle for the crown.
The Little Lady of Sloshball, Zoe Jacobin,
displays the new homer-reducing Sloshball
introduced at Sloshball for America.
With the score tight and the tension building,
Zoe and Hayley decide to release some of the
pressure in a touching show of solidarity.
With the 7th Inning Stretch nearing, Scott
wonders if his surging "Swift Justice" team
can hold of the feared "Talibomb Tigers".
As the sun begins to set, Sean, Jay and Dave
entertain the crowd with a rousing rendition
of "Take Me Out To The Ballpark".
Like Marilyn Monroe singing for Jack
Kennedy, Zoe rips through a touching solo for
her quickly aging buddy, Big Al.
Then it was time to recognize Sloshball's
resident senior citizen, as Al McGough inches
ever so close to the long-awaited 40.
Several Sloshball regulars gather near the
keg to celebrate a stunning 4 run victory by
the powerful "Swift Justice" team.
In a scene reminiscent of Sloshball III, Andy
DeLorenzo shows his appreciation for the
Commish with one of the birthday cupcakes.
Jay Devaney, having worked up a tremendous
thirst doing absolutely nothing, enjoys a
sampling of rocky mountain spring water.
Game MVP and all-time Sloshball home run
king, Mike McNeill celebrates his 2-homer
outing by sipping his share of the victory beer.
With his third team title in hand, "Swift
Justice" manager Scott Haiduc, dances to the
soothing sounds of the Village People.
Final Stats
Suzie McClelland: National Anthem
Sean, Jay & Dave: Take Me Out To The Ballpark
Zoe Jacobin: Happy Birthday to Al
Scott Haiduc's "Swift Justice"  19
Mark Tobin's "Talibomb Tigers  15
Andy DeLo's "Bad-Ass Americans"  11
Mike McNeill: Most Valuable Player
John Dukesroomie: .000 (ouch)
Al McGough: .200 (hey, the dude's 39!)
Sean Kahr: .200 (hey, he knows 39 year olds!)
Vinh Do: .200 (distracted by Zoe & Hayley)
John Petsch: .200 (was aiming for the fences)
Dan Whatshisname: .250 (plus a homer drought)
Dave Oskorus: .250 (and drove in a run)
Milo Chavis: 330 (El Guapo's legend lives on)
Toolio Alvarez: .400 (back after 4 year absence)
Mark Tobin: .400 (hit 2 key doubles)
Andy DeLorenzo: .500 (solid outing for De-Lo)
Chuck O'Connor: .500 (had a nice face block)
Erin Soon-to-be Oskorus: .500 (terrific work)
Craig Jacobin: .500 (the dude is a stud)
Ian McClelland: .500 (and look, no blood)
Dione Disbro: .600 (outstanding rookie effort)
Fred Larsen: .600 (key bat for the winners)
Gary Oakes: .600 (smacked 3 doubles)
Kelly Anhthysfriend: .600 (belted 1 double)
Kevin Dryzga: .600 (slapped 1 homer & 1 double)
Anhthy Phan: .660 (the hall of famer in action)
Scott Haiduc: .660 (also nailed 2 doubles)
Lisa Perrot: .750 (this chick can hit!)
Bill Taylor: .750 (won in the fray and now this?)
Jay McGrath: .800 (crushed 1 homer)
Donnie Disbro: .800 (lined 1 double)
Mike McNeill: .800 (drove 2 homers & 1 double)
Suzie McClelland: 1000 (a perfect performance)
Bizarro: 1000 (shocking development)
Jay Dontknow: 1000 (who was that masked man)
Duke Kahr: 1000 (ex-dodger had 3 doubles)
"Sloshball For America" has already raised
$2,300 dollars for the victims of September
11th.  If you would like to participate,
Sloshball for America T-Shirts are still
available in all sizes.  T-shirts are now just
$25 each or 2 for $40, with the entire amount
going to charity.  Click here to request a
"Sloshball For America" T-Shirt.