Sloshball 2005 marked the return of a game we once knew...simple...pure...friendly...Old School.  With quite literally
nothing but a ball, a bat and beer, Sloshball Old School stayed clear of fog machines, video invitations, disturbing
national anthems and the like.  Instead this game was marked by plenty of action, good cold beer and a few laughs
along the way...oh, and that freakish black ghetto outfit that Milo wore.

In the end, it was fitting that one of Sloshball's finest was rewarded with his first-ever championship, as Mark Tobin's
"All Balls No Bat" dominated the field of play with a stunning 29-9 victory--the largest margin of victory in the history
of Sloshball.

Sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of Sloshball Old School 2005.
Let's get this party started.  Sean Kahr pours
the ceremonial first beer...uh, I mean foam.
Mark (ex-Air Force) and Bill (ex-Navy) discuss various military
strategies and their possible applications for the day's game.
The Commish kicks things off with a poignant
salute to the great Polish God, Gary Oakes.
Finally, it was time for Zoe Jacobin to yell "Play Ball" and the
action was under way.  Here's Anhthy Tobin getting to 2nd base.
Gary demonstrates his swing, while donning his new Padres
"Rockin" jersey.  Gary later drank a vat of flaming beer.
Black hat, beater t, socks, shoes and panties.
Nobody's sure what Milo was thinking this year.
Anhthy Tobin takes a mighty hack at a hanging
curve from her hubby and gets another double.
Cassie Oakes takes a moment to savor the moment, as she
reclines in the shady environs of the Sloshball Lounger Club.
Long-standing Sloshball committee member
and the game's spiritual leader, Dave Oskorus.
Dukie Kahr demonstrates the sort of "johnny-on-the-spot"
intensity that has long made him a Sloshball favorite.
The founding "Mother of The Lounger Club", Theresa Kahr
reclines in the area that she made famous so many years ago.
As an encore to being named Rookie of the
Year last year, Christina took home the MVP.
Tuyet stands guard at first base and "Blackie"
strikes his very best gangsta pose at second.
Doug stands at the plate, ready to crush one
over the outfield fences in left field.
Jay McGrath gets re-acquainted with an old
friend, while taking a break between innings.
It wouldn't be Sloshball without an ugly injury.  Jay earned his
stripes this year by sprinting into the outfield fence in center.
Jim Annan flashes the pearly whites that have long made him
Sloshball's "man about town" with the single slosh-ladies.
Bigs Jacobin gets a few pointers from his daddy, the Commish.  
"OK homey, hold on real tight and keep your bat up high."
Mark Tobin sips from the golden chalice, safe in the knowledge
that he is at last a champion--and a record-setting one at that.
Trinh and Dave get together to share recollections of their
favorite Sloshball moments over these eleven great years.
Anhdai Jacobin, the long-standing matriarch of Sloshball,
accepts her Hall of Fame Plaque as 2005's surprise inductee.
Zoe Jacobin emerged from the ranks of the
Slosh Children to take Rookie of the Year.
Fresh off a week of chearleader camp, Zoe demonstrates a perfectly executed "Jumping Star" in celebration of winning Rookie Of The Year.
2005 Final Stats
Winning Manager:
Winning Team:
Final Score:
Hall of Fame:
Most Valuable Player:
Rookie of the Year:
Best Play:
Golden Buzz:
Mark Tobin
All Balls No Bat
All Balls 29 The Yeasty Bits 9
Anhdai Jacobin
Christina Kendall
Zoe Jacobin
Jay McGrath
Gary Oakes
2-Jay McGrath, 1-Mike McNeill,
Jeff Templeman, Dan Barnett,
Doug Gorrie
Future Hall of Famer, Zoe Jacobin bids us farewell from
Sloshball 2005.  Thanks go out to all who helped with this
year's event in some way--Sean Kahr, Dave Oskorus, Milo
Chavis, Scott Haiduc and Mike McNeill.  See ya in 2006!
-The Commish